BARNS of Mackinac County, Michigan:
135 (plus five) barns and a few "extras"

                                                                                                R.V. (“Dick”) Dietrich 
Most recent update:  8 August 2018

The following web site
is a slightly modified version of the original file,
It  includes the text and full captions -- i.e.,  information
about each barn and a few other barnlike buildings.

         The above noted web site does not have most of the additions made to the original file since mid-2011.  Also, most of the photographs that are on that site are smaller than those on this website.  Consequently, this site is an "Album of photographs" that include the 135 barns included in the original report at their originally published sizes and relative dimensions along with similarly sized photographs of subsequently added barns. etc. (see below).  However, this site does NOT include full captions, several of which include additional information about the given barns;  to see that information go the the Barns website.
        The additional barns ... the photographs and captions of which have been added to the original report, and are not on the barns web site follow: 

1. photographs and full captions

for four
barns that have been recorded
since the original report was prepared --
 Ga63, Ga64, Ne12 and Ne13;

    2. captioned photos that update
Br2 and Ma3;

                          3. a barn-shaped (& so-named) structure
      that has never functioned as a farm barn,

            4. corrections & additional information for
     Ga39, Ga50, and Mo4.


    Acknowledgments to the County residents who allowed access to their properties and supplied information about these barns are also given on this web site;  they followthe frontispiece.

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Frontispiece.. Barn Mo3 in Moran Township. The original black and white photograph, which was taken in the 1930s, is in collection of Chuck Collip.


The preparation of an album about old barns in Mackinac county was suggested by Robert Bruce Brown, my son-in-law. It was subsequently promoted by Rick and Kurt Dietrich and Krista Brown, my wife's(d) and my “kids,” who have a much higher opinion of my photography than I do. Bob's suggestion and our kids' promoting it were, I feel sure, based on their knowing that I was just about to finish a project and needed another one "to keep me out of mischief."

Each of my "kids" helped in several ways as I photographed the barns, sought information about them, and was preparing this album: Each of them gave me suggestions and discussed diverse aspects of my photographs and the information I collected. Kurt and Krista also drove for me on some of my trips to find and photograph the structures and contact people who gave me information to include in the captions. Bob Brown, my son-in-law, helped me with contacts and supplied valuable information about the area, its people, etc. that only one who has lived in this area virtually all of his life could do. 
Kurt and Rick read and critiqued the complete report.

Charlie Brown, an attorney in St. Ignace, drove me to view and photograph three of the barns in and near St. Ignace and supplied data about them.  Buck Sharrow took me by horse-drawn carriage (carriage and horses courtesy of Mike Young of Frankenmuth, Michigan) to see the many horse stables on Mackinac Island and supplied basic information about each of them.  Prentiss M. ("Moey") Brown, Jr., an attorney in St. Ignace, served as a valuable source of historical information about the area in and around St. Ignace. Mary Hill, and others at the Historical Museum of the Les Cheneaux Historical Association in Cedarville and Linnea Ault and others of the Engadine Hisotircal Society Museum in Engadine gave me information and also the names of people from whom I could get additional information about the barns in their areas.  Linnea Ault also checked the original draft of the Garfield Township captions.

David Ginsburg, Research Librarian Emeritus, Central Michigan University aided me by making searches for literature dealing with barns, especially those in Michigan, that contains information that might otherwise have escaped my early barn-related observations within the county. He also checked the References given in the full report to make sure that each is in a form that will facilitate readers that may want also to review those publications. Gina Kemp, Director, and Barbara Zimmerman, Assistant Director, of the St. Ignace Public Library, obtained several publications via interlibrary loan. Gina also supplied one important, rather rare booklet from her personal library. Vera Wiltse, 4-H Youth Agent, Michigan State University Extension (ret.), was ever ready and willing to give professional advice.

The following people supplied information about one or more the the barns included: Donald Ault, Linda Belonga, Gary Bigelow, Judy Bishop, Ed Brockman, Barbara Brown, Elmer & Ruth Brown, Frank Butkovich, Carilon Hopperstead Carr, Curtis Cheesman, Dan & Amy Christensen, Betty Clark, Chuck Collip, Nancy & Joe Cornwell, Peter Crystal, Debra Dailey, Frank Daily, Raymond & Ruth Derusha, Amelia Duberville, Carol Duncan, Andy Dunikowski, Bob Edwards, Verna Engel, Vern Erskine, Alice Feigel, Dee Fenske, Ervin Flatt, Wayne Flatt, Ethel Freeman, Fred Freeman, Nancy Fulton, Roger & Tamara Gady, George & Irene Gage, Gerry Glenn, Violet ("Marie") Gorman, Dale Greenwald, Jack Gribbell, James & Faye Gribbell, Clinton & Barbara Groover, Chandler Hadley, Herbert Hahn, Julia Halonen, Carol Hamel, Michelle Hanson, Gary Heckman, Gayle Herron, Anthony Hines, Jeffery Hoag, Robert Holland, Dick Huskey, Rosemary Irwin, Conrad Izzard, Roger Kempf, William Ketola, Mark Kinjorski, Mike & Rae Klobucher, Teri Kniss, Martin Kopinski, Caryn Kovar, Wayne & Georgianna Kuebler, Alan & Charles Lamoreaux, Clarlyn Ledy, Judy Legault, Sharon Legault, Marian Lesatz, Bob Lindley, Louise Lowetz, Kirt Mahar, Charlie and Louis Markstrom, John Matchinski, Jessica Maze, Kathy McCabe, Jennifer McGraw, Jonathan Miller, Leighton Miller, Levi Miller, Richard Miller, Tate Miller, Wendell Miller, Russel Morris, Kathy Mullholland, Russ Nelson, Tim Nelson, Mike Newton, Kellie Nightlinger, Charles & Kathy Nye, James & Cully Ocko, Ed Olson, Gunnar Olson, Bill Orr, John Ozanich, Herman Patzer, Ray & Carol Patterson, Wes Peckta, Richard Pershinske, Jon Plomer, Peter Polisse, Peter & Sallee Poole, Freda Price, Karen Reed, Bambi Robinson, Ervin Rose, Jim Rourke, Betty Sadler, Sue Salter, Herb Sawyer, Esther Schaum, Edward Schmitt, Violet Schroeder, Elsie Sellers, Martin Sherlund, Rudy Sherlund, Harold Shoemaker, Edward Simon,Sharon Smith, Wayne Steiner, Harry Stephenson, Fred & Marilyn Strickland, Chriss Stutzman, Gladys Tamlyn, Mary Kay Tamlyn, Susan Thomas, Jerry & Kim Thompson, Charlie Vallier, Mark Vonderwerth, Jim Vosper, William Wagner, Craig Weatherby, Jake Weiss, Rick Weiss, Paul Williams, Angela & Jeff Wollos, Jacob Yoder, Ken & Debbie Zellar, Melissa Zellar, and Todd Zellar.

I gratefully thank each of the listed people for her/his contributions.

R.V. ("Dick") Dietrich

24 November 2011 /  07 March 2016

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BOIS BLANC Township.

Bb1. (north of Lime Kiln Point Rd.; sec. 17 [per map in Mackinac County ... Plat Book (2009), but may be sec 14*], T.39N.-R. 2W.)  Extra no. 1:
* The location is "C & I ..." lot, which is northwest of the airplane symbol, west of the name of the road, and directly below the 17 on the plat book map (ibid.).


BREVORT  Township. 

Br2. (west of H57; NW¼ sec.2, T.41N.-R.5W.)
The lower photograph, added in early July, 2012 -- i.e., it has been added since the original report was put on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site.  It shows the condition of this barn, from the other side, after a Late June rain and wind storm.  Rosemary Irwin and Louise Lowetz, grand-daughter and daughter, respectively, of William Luepnitz, who built the barn in 1923, witnessed the event.  They said that the top part of the gambrel roof sagged -- i.e., "looked like a hammock" -- and soon thereafter there was a loud noise as the side, which is the one opposite from their viewpoint, collapsed.  Since it's collapse, the debris has been cleared away. 

Br3. (south of H57; NW¼ sec.5, T.41N.-R.4W.)

Br5. (north of Dukes Rd.;  NE¼ sec.31, T.42N.-R.4W.)

Br6. (south of Dukes Rd.; SE¼ sec.31, T.42N.-R.4W.)

Br9. (west of Black Point Rd.;SE¼ sec.25, T.42N.-R.5W.)

Br10. (east of Langdon Rd.; NE¼ sec.5, T.41N.-R.4W.)


Br11. (east of Martin Rd.; NW¼ sec.33, T.42N.-R.4W.)


Br1. (east of H57; SW¼ sec.2, T.41N.-R.5W.)  Extra No. 2:

Br4. (north of H57; NW¼ sec.32, T.42N.-R.4W.)  Extra No. 3: 

Br7. (north of Rte. 123; SE¼ sec.4, T.41N.-R.4W.)  Extra No. 4: 

Br12. (west of Black Point Rd.; SW¼ sec.36, T.42N.-R.5W.)  Extra No. 5:

Br13. (west of Rte. 123.; SW¼ sec.4, T.41N.-R.4W.)  Extra No. 5a: 
No photograph or information about this "barn" was included in the original report, a version of which is available on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site.  This structure was not included in the original compilation because of the date it was erected and it may now warrant including here;  this is so because it does not, and may never, function as a farm barn.  Also, so far as I have been able to determine, before its construction, its location and the surrounding acreage were not called the "red barn farm" -- Note the content of its "name plate" -- see inset --  which is on the building's  highway-facing end.  In any case, the structure, which has two levels in its interior, was built  in 2012 for Thomas Sposito of St. Ignace.  Currently, the only nearby acreage that is being worked is used for vegitable gardens by residents of St. Ignace and Brevort Lake. 
Call Sposito -- 643-0274
[The preceding write-up includes information supplied by Robert Brown, Charles Fowler and Thomas Sposito.]
CLARK  Township.

Cl1. (north of Nye Rd.; SW¼ sec.21, T.42N.-R.1W.)

Cl3. (east of Meridian St.; NW¼ sec.31, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

Cl4. (north of Norquist Rd.; SE¼ sec.18, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

Cl5. (north of Swede Rd.; SE¼ sec.7, T.42N.-R.1E.) 


Cl6. (west of Winberg Rd.; SW¼ sec.9, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

Cl7. (north of Swede Rd.; SW¼ sec.9, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

Cl8. (south of Swede Rd.; NE¼ sec.15, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

Cl9. (east of Rte. 129; SW¼ sec.18, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

Cl11. (south of 30 Mile Rd.; NE¼ sec.1, T.42N.-R.1E.) 

~~&an extra&~~

Cl2. (south of State St.; SW¼ sec.25, T.42N.-R.1W.) Extra no. 6:   


GARFIELD  Township.  The asterisk that precedes a few of the barns included in this township indicates that photographs and information relating to their construction, historical facts about them is displayed at the Engadine Historical Society Museum, which is on Melville St. in Engadine. 

Ga1. (east of Rte. 117; SW¼ sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga2. (east of Rte. 117; NW¼ sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga3. (west of Rte. 117; SE¼ sec.8, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#12, Brown Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga4. (west of Price Rd.; NE¼ sec.30, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga5. (south of Linck Rd.; NE¼ sec.18, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga6. (south of Linck Rd.; NW¼ sec.18, T.43N.-R.10W.)  (#9, Anton Butkovich Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga7. (east of Pleasant Ave.; NW¼ sec.8, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga8. (west of Pleasant Ave.; NE¼ sec.7, T.43N.-R.10W.)  (#1, Olson/Ault Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

*Ga9. (east of Pleasant Ave.; SW¼ sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.)  (#10, Merrick Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga10. (west of Price Rd.; SE¼ sec.19, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga11. (north of Price Rd.; NW¼ sec.20, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga14. (north of Patzer Rd.; SW¼ sec.31, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#5. Patzer/Miller Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga15. (east of Pleasant Ave.; SW¼ sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.) 


Ga17. (east of Pleasant Ave.; NW¼ sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga18. (north of Kovar Rd.; NW¼ sec.30, T.44N.-R.10W.) 


Ga19. (east of Krause Rd.; SW¼ sec.10, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga20. (south of Raski Rd.; NE¼ sec.9, T.43N.-R.10W.)  

*Ga21. (north of Raski Rd.; SW¼ sec.3, T.43N.-R.10W.)  (#4, Krause Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga22. (east of Indian Trl.; SW¼ sec.2, T.43N.-R.10W.) 


Ga24. (north of Hiawatha Trl. [Rte. H40]; NE¼ sec.15, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga25. (west of Krause Rd.; NE¼ sec.4, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga26. (west of Krause Rd.; SE¼ sec.33, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga27. (west of Indian Trl.; NE¼ sec.10, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga29. (west of Indian Trl.; SE¼ sec.10, T.43N.-R.10W.)  (#7, Freeman/Nichols Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

|No photograph -- sorry!|
Ga30. (southeast of Raski Rd.; SE¼ sec.9, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga31. (south of Raski Rd.; SW¼ sec.9, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga33. (east of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.27, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga34. (south of McKelvey Rd.; NW¼ sec.27, T.44N.-R.10W.)

Ga35. (north of McKelvey Rd.; SW¼ sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.)

Ga36. (west of Krause Rd.; SW¼ sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.)

Ga37. (west of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.)

Ga38. (north of Sandtown Rd.; SW¼ sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.)

Ga39. (west of Krause Rd.; SE¼ sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.)    The quilt pattern and the name have since been removed -- i.e., apparently over-painted.

Ga40. (east of Krause Rd.; SW¼ sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.)

*Ga41. (east of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#15, Daniel & Philippine MacDonald Farm 1932-1970, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga42. (east of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.)  

Ga43. (west of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga44. (north of Brown Rd.; SE¼ sec.9, T.44N.-R.10W.)  

Ga45. (east of Rte. 117.; NW¼ sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga46. (west of Rte. 117.; NW¼ sec.20, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga47. (south of McKelvey Rd.; NW¼ sec.29, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#3, Adler/Edwards Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga48. (south of McKelvey Rd.; NE¼ sec.29, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga49. (west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.17, T.43N.-R.10W.)

Ga50. (east of Rte. 117; SW¼ sec.4, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga51. (west of Rte. 117; SE¼ sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga52. (west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.)  

Ga53. (west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.)  


*Ga54. (west of Rte. 117; SE¼ sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#8, Strong/Germain Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

*Ga55. (west of Rte. 117; SE¼ sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#11, Stelter Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 

Ga56. (west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.)


Ga57. (east of Rte. 117; NW¼ sec.4, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga58. (west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.8, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

*Ga59. (west of Rte. 117; SW¼ sec.29, T.44N.-R.10W.)  (#6, Poutie/Lehman/Shaum Farm, in Engadine Museum display) 
          The composite:    Upper-  left, a windlass mechanism that consists of a central "reel," with a diameter of ~4½ feet, mounted on a horizontal piece that extends across the open area, ~14 ft., between the eastern and western lofts of this barn near their southern ends -- i.e., farthest from the door where a hay wagon could enter the area;  right, close-up that shows the notches that are on one of the outside rims, but not the other, of the "reel."     Lower,  two sections of  the floor, which consist largely of cobbles and small boulders.  Some of these rocks are glacially transported fieldstones;  others are fragments of rubble derived from fairly nearby bedrock.
[The windlass mechanism warrants further attention.  The following conjectures and tentative hypothesis about it are based on cursory observations plus a few measurements.  I have found no one who knew how it was actually used. 
This windlass was, I suspect, used, along with a rope or cable, either to hoist something up or to pull something
                            into this part of the barn.  My first guess, on the basis of its location and the general setup within the barn,
                            is that it may have been used to
pull loaded hay wagons into the barn far enough to facilitate the transfer
                            of the hay from the wagons into the loft(s).  This possible use is based on my not finding any evidence
                            indicating that a north-south pulley and track setup was ever in the barn plus my thinking that the rock floor
                            of the barn would have been difficult -- indeed dangerous -- for the horses to negotiate.  In addition, if shod
                            and they had been so used,
sparks from the horses' shoes as they hit the stones could have ignited the hay. 
                            ALSO, because of the general setup within the barn, had horses been so used,
the farthest that they could have
pulled the wagon into the barn would have still required extra and difficult work by the farmhands to transfer
                            the hay from the wagons into the lofts, especially near their southern ends. And,
the alternative of having the
                            horses back a loaded hay wagon into this barn seems highly unlikely, indeed
incredible.  ----  This hypothesis
                            relating to the use of the mechanism does not include one major component -- i.e., any suggestion of a possible

power source to rotate the "reel."  Several alternatives seem well within the realm of possibilities.
                      In any case, as the apparatus now stands it seems that it cannot currently be used for anything.  This is so because
                            the horizontal piece upon which the reel is mounted appears to be mounted in a stationary position  on the beams
                            at its ends, AND the reel seems to be mounted on the horizontal piece so that it will not move except when the
                            beam is rotated.   Possibly these relationships are late additions made to prevent its continued use or misuse.
                                                   COMMENTS FROM ANYONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE USE OF THIS APPARATUS
                                                                             WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED and added below.

                       Comment #1. Emmett Mason, Professor emeritus, Central Michigan University,
directed my attention to a
                       photograph of a windlass of similar size and setting --  on the internet
(see More Treasures ...).  Apparently it
                       was used only as a hoist.

Comment #2. Craig Gibson, retired geologist in Sydney, Australia has added that he thinks the notches on the
                       device indicates that the use was made so one person could operate it -- i.e., that whatever was moved could
                       by using it could be done in stages and so manipulated by a single person.

                       Added information: Mason's comment led me to make a search  - "windlass barn" - of the internet. Photographs
                       of two noteworthy windlasses within barns can be seen on the following web sites:
                          [similar to Engadine one;  no location given.]

                        [less like Engadine one;  location -- Edgecomb, ME;
                        described as follows:  "Antique windlass removed from old post & beam barn. Originally used to hoist wagons
                        or animals from main barn floor. Main shaft is about 12' long and large wheel is about 64" dia. ...]

Comment #3. Andrew Koester (p.c.s, January & March, 2013) describes a "functioning windlass wagon lift" that
                        is in his hay barn, built about 1865, at Cayuga (near Hamilton), Ontario, Canada.  He also sent photographs of the
                        windlass that indicate it closely resembles the one shown here. He elaborates the features of his windlass, noting
                        that it has "the large wheel in the middle of a spool that . . . has 4 pulleys, on each side, whose ropes would align
                        with the wagon [to be lifted.  Also, that] another small rope would be attached to the horse[s, and as they] walked
                        out of the barn, the wagon would lift into the loft." In addition, he notes that once unloaded, a cog setup that is present
                        would be pulled, thus releasing the main wheel so the wagon would return to floor level.  Koester notes that his
                        description was given to him by a person who is a "farmer ... familiar with such a mechanism."  He also notes that he
                        has tried the windlass and "it functions well." 
                               Koester's description, plus the fact that he notes that the floor of his barn is wood, "so no sparks could ignite
                        from the horse's shoes,' leads me to wonder if the windlass in this Garfield Township barn was used to lift hay
                        wagons to the loft level where the hay would have been relatively easy to unload into the loft.  It also will lead me
                        to revisit this barn to see if there is any evidence that a wooden floor once was present in the area into which the
                        wagons would have been drawn.

Ga60. (north of Hiawatha Trl.; NW¼ sec.15, T.43N.-R.10W.) 

Ga61. (northeast of Warner Rd.; NE¼ sec.27, T.44N.-R.10W.) 

Ga63. (north of McKelvey Rd.; SE¼ sec.20, T.44N.-R.10W.)
No photograph or information about this barn was included in the original report that is available on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site. 
          This barn was not seen during the original field study -- No excuses warrant mention.   As can be seen in the above photographs, taken 5 May 2015, the barn can be seen from the road -- especially from late fall to late spring when the leaves are not on the trees and the surrounding brush.
           This barn is across McKelvey Rd. from Barn Ga48, thought to have been built in the late 1930s or early 1940s  for Julius Fenske, whose log house is behind the Engadine Historical Museum.  This stucture (i.e., Ga62), with haymow etc. is thought also have to have been built for Fenske or part of his close family during the same general time period  and possibly to have served as winter shelter for calves and young stock and/or horses as well as storage. 

Ga64. (north of McKelvey Rd.; SE¼ sec.20, T.44N.-R.10W.)
No photograph or information about this barn was included in the original report that is available on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site.
          This barn was built since the original field study.  Jacob Yoder, the owner, and one of his nearby Amish friends framed it;  several Amish from downstate came and completed the structure in one day  -- August 12, 2015.  The barn houses Mr. Yoder's cattle and horses in the lower lever, and hay is in the upper (loft) level. When this photograph was taken (i.e., 07 March 2016), the horse stalls are virtually complete whereas the stanchions are not yet in place.  The lumber was obtained locally.   Next summer, I plan to go back for a tour of the inside of this rather handsome new barn and get answers to questions I failed to ask during our short conversation:  e.g., will the exterior be painted, and, if so, what color(?);  is the framing planks or timber(?);  etc. 


Ga12. (north of Linck Rd.; SE¼ sec.8, T.43N.-R.10W.)  Extra no. 7: 

Ga13. (west of Pleasant Ave.; SE¼ sec.6, T.43N.-R.10W.)  Extra no. 8: 

Ga16. (west of Pleasant Ave.; NE¼ sec.31, T.44N.-R.10W.)  Extra no. 9: 

Ga32. (west of Krause Rd.; NE¼ sec.33, T.44N.-R.10W.)  Extra no. 10: 


HENDRICKS  Township.


He3. (south of Kenyon Rd.; NE¼ sec.8, T.42N.-R.7W.) 

He1. (north of Epoufette Bay Rd.; SW¼ sec.3 (barn), with parts of sections 4 & 9 included in painting,  T.42N.-R.7W.)  Extra no. 11: 
            The upper illustration, a cropped photograph, now in the collection of Kellie Nightlinger, shows the barn that appears to be the one depicted near lower right corner of painting. This painting (~20 x 30 inches), the "Fishing Village of Lake Michigan" is by the well-known artist, Adolf Dehn (1895-1968). It is on the wall of the third-floor Court Room at the County Courthouse in St. Ignace.       


HUDSON  Township.   No barn was found within this township.  Inquiries of a number of residents, some who have lived in the township for several decades, indicate that none has been here for a long time.  A relatively recently built, barn-like building that is within the township is included in order to give this township representation.   

Hu1. (west of Black River Rd.; SE¼ sec.19, T.43N.-R.8W.)  Extra no. 12:  


MARQUETTE  Township. The first eight barns given for this township are treated like most of the others in this album.   The remaining nineteen are treated differently:  One photograph of each is given as part of a composite and the caption includes the number applied to it and the page on which a black and white photograph of it is in  Pickford patchwork: the fabric of a farming community: Barns,. which is a 2004 publication of the Pickford Area Historical Society .

Ma2. (south of St. Ignace Rd.; NE¼ sec.9, T.42N.-R.2W.) 

Ma4. (north of Taylor Rd.; SE¼ sec.9, T.43N.-R.1W.)   

Ma5. (south of Taylor Rd.; NW¼ sec.14, T.43N.-R.1W.)    
                 Unfortunately, this barn burned up on September 1, 2011, apparently because of  an electrical problem.

Ma6. (west of Rte. 48/129; NE¼ sec.24, T.43N.-R.1W.)   

Ma7. (west of Rte. 48/129;  NE¼ sec25, T.43N.-R.1W.)    

Ma8. (south of Rockview Rd.; NW¼ sec.36, T.43N.-R.1W.)   

MaP-1. (south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.1, T.43N.-R.1W.)  (= #56, n.d., p.28)

MaP-2. (south of Townline Rd.; NE¼ sec.6, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #24, p.16)
MaP-3. (east 5 Mile Rd.; NE¼ sec.6, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #26, p.16)
MaP-4. (south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.5, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #32, p.19)
MaP-5. (south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.5, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #34, p.20)

MaP-6. (south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #54, p.27)
MaP-7. (north of Blair Rd.; SE¼ sec.1, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #58, p.28)
MaP-8. (south of Blair Rd.; NE¼ sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #59, p.29)
MaP-9. (south of Blair Rd.; NE¼ sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #61, p.29)

MaP-10. (west of 1 Mile Rd.; SW¼ sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #62, n.d., p.30)

MaP-11. (north of Blair Rd.; SW¼ sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #64, p.31)
MaP-12. (north of Blair Rd.; SW¼ sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #65, p.31)
MaP-13. (north of Blair Rd.; SE¼ sec.3, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #67, p.32)
MaP-14. (north of Blair Rd.; SE¼ sec.4, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #68, p.32)

MaP-15. (south of Taylor Rd.; NE¼ sec.14, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #69, p.33)
MaP-16. (south of Taylor Rd.; NE¼ sec.13, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #71, p.34)
MaP-17. (west of Rte. 129/48; SE¼ sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #72, p.34)
MaP-18. (west of Rte. 129/48; NE¼ sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #73, p.35)

MaP-19. (south of Blair Rd.; NE¼ sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W.) (= #57, n.d., p.28)


Ma1. (east of Simmons Rd.; SW¼ sec.30, T.43N.-R.2W.)  Extra no. 13:

Ma3. (north of St. Ignace Rd.; SE¼ sec.4, T.42N.-R.2W.)  Extra no. 14:  
       The lower photograph was taken and added in early July, 2012 -- i.e., it has been added since the original report was put on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site.   It  shows the current appearance of the site where the former barn was located.  Unlike many of these "Barn no more" locations, the wood from this one has been removed.  Perhaps the other debris will also be removed and covered with soil or otherwise modified to enhance the appearance of the site so that it blends in with or becomes a highlight within the surrounding area.


MORAN  Township.

Mo1. (northwest of New Portage Rd.; NW¼ sec.14, T.40N.-R.4W.) 

Mo2. (south of New Portage Rd.; NW¼ sec.13, T.40N.-R.4W.)


Mo3. (northwest of Martin Lake Rd.; NW¼ sec.9, T.40N.-R.4W.)

Mo4. (north of Lovegrove Rd.; SE¼ sec.4, T.43N.-R.5W.)  
ADDENDUM (29 December 2016):  
The following information, which includes revisions and additional information relating to the original caption q.v (it is on the web site), is part of an email, dated 27 December 2016, fromTamara Gady, a current owner of this property:  
     "The newer barn to the east was constructed to house beef cattle by the second generation son Paul Lovegrove and not draft horses.  The large barn does have a draft horse stall that held two draft horses used by the original homesteader Sam Lovegrove, Paul's Father.  Paul, Sam's youngest child and his wife Opal raised beef and cultivated a large acreage of alfalfa mix hay and potatoes on this 435 acre farm.  Sam had dairy cows and sent cream by rail on the nearby D.S.S.&A. railroad to a Wisconsin Creamery. Sam also grew vegetables and hay for many nearby lumbering camps and the Ozark Martel Furnace Co. Hotel and store."
       Readers who have access to Facebook, may also be interested in the following -- also part of Mrs. Gady's email:  "I have been collecting historical photos of our Ozark area for twenty years and share them on my Facebook page called Ozark One Room School. [... It includes] some photos of haying with old equipment and some shots of the farm in the 40's showing the dairy barn that was removed, the original homestead of 1908, potato cultivation ..." 

Mo6. (east of Gros Cap Rd.; NW¼ sec.8, T.40N.-R.4W.)

Mo7. (east of East Martin Lake Rd. (formerly, Cremer Rd.); NE¼ sec.9, T.40N.-R.4W.)


NEWTON Township.   The asterisk preceding Ne1 and Ne9 indicates that additional photographs and information about these barns are available in the Engadine Historical Society Museum.

*Ne1. (west of Greenwald Rd.; NE¼ sec.25, T.43N.-R.11W.) (#2, Greenwald Farm in Engadine Museum display)  

Ne2. (south of Rte. 2; NE¼ sec.25, T.43N.-R.11W.

Ne4. (north of Clark Rd.; SE¼ sec.28, T.43N.-R.11W.)

Ne11. (north of Clark Rd.; SE¼ sec.28, T.43N.-R.11W.)

Ne5. (east of Brawley Rd.; NW¼ sec.26, T.43N.-R.11W.)

Ne6. (west of S. Gould City Rd.; SW¼ sec.28, T.42N.-R.11W.)

Ne7. (east of S. Gould City Rd.; SW¼ sec.21, T.42N.-R.11W.)

Ne8. (south of Main St., Gould City; SW¼ sec.28, T.43N.-R.11W.)

*Ne9. (north of Hiawatha Trl. [=H40]; NE¼ sec.23, T.43N.-R.11W.)  (#13, Freeman Farm, in Engadine Museum display)
           Right (in composite, a short piece of log atop a "shelf" that is attached to a board that, in turn, is attached to the a vertical wooden boards of the barn for . . .  - I hesitate even to guess what its function may have been.
                           The feature shown on the right side of the composite led me to see if a lady who was "brought up" on the farm might
              know what it had as a function.  She indicated that she had no recollection of the feature.  Photographs of the barn that are
              in the Engadine Historical Museum substantiate her remarks -- i.e., the feature was not there when the photographs were taken. 
              If the dates when the photographs were taken and  when the barn was last painted can be found, the time period during which
              this feature was added will be known.  But, will even that information give a clue to the function of this feature?
           For the record, the guesses as to its function that were made by the readers include the following: 
                                    1) A perch of some kind, probably for a pet raven.
                                     2) A place -- i.e., beneath the log --  for a visitor who found noone at home to leave a note.  (Considering the shelf's
                                                height this suggested use would indicate that visitors who knew of this function were rather tall.)

                                     3) A family joke of some sort whose meaning has been lost in time.
                                    4) Before the barn had electricity a lamp (kerosene?) was put on that little platform;  later, when they got elec-
                                               tricity, they no longer needed the lamp;  then, one day, just on a whim, somebody put the stump up there.
                                     5) For woodpeckers?
                                    6) A conversation starter for visitors, or anyone else, who sees it.
           And, one reader asked me:  "When you first looked at ... [it], were you 'stumped'?"
           Perhaps someone who knows will see this and tell us what it really was meant to be.  If so, I will add that to this caption. 

Ne12. (north of Rte. 2; SE¼ sec.24, T.43N.-R.11W.)
No photograph or information about this barn was included in the original report that is available on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site. 
          This barn was overlooked despite the fact that it can be seen from Rte. 2.  A dairy and hay barn, it was built in the late 1920s or early 1930s for Michael Ozanich.  Loose hay was stored from floor to roof in one part of the barn and in a mow above the "dairy  parlor."  Stanchions are still within that latter part of the  barn.
[The above information is from Brent Geske, the current owner.]

Ne13. (northwest of Long Lake north of Rte. 2; SE¼ sec.16?, T.43N.-R.12W.)
No photograph or information about this barn was included in the original report that is available on the Michigan Barns Preservation Network web site. 
          This barn, which has a rather remote location, was not seen during the original study.   Relatively small,  it is said to have been built for Herb Burton in the mid-1970s and to have been used as a cattle barn.  It includes what was a hay mow in its upper level and had stanchions for three to five milch cows. 
[The above information was given orally by Brian Burton.]


Ne10. (north of Hiawatha Trl.[=H40]; NE¼ sec.23, T.43N.-R.11W.) Extra no. 15:  

Ne3. (north of Brotherton Rd.; SW¼ sec.2, T.43N.-R.12W.) Extra no. 16:


PORTAGE  Township. 

Po1. (east of Rte. H33; SW¼ sec.30, T.44N.-R.11W.)

Po2. (east of County Line Rd.; SW¼ sec.7, T.44N.-R.12W.)  

Po3. (south of Ketola Rd.; NE¼ sec.7, T.44N.-R.12W.)

Po4. (east of County Line Rd.; NW¼ sec.7, T.44N.-R.12W.) 

Po7. (north of Sandtown Rd.; SW¼ sec.17, T.44N.-R.11W.)    

~~&an extra&~~

Po5. (east of McGahn Rd.; SE¼ sec.17, T.44N.-R.12W.)  Extra no. 17:

ST. IGNACE  Township.

Si1. (north of Charles Moran Rd.; SE¼ sec.30, T.41N.-R.3W.)  

Si2. (west of Pine River Rd.; NE¼ sec.10, T.42N.-R.3W.)  

Si3. (south of Rte. 123; NE¼ sec.11, T.41N.-R.3W.)

Si4. (north of St. Ignace Rd.; SE¼ sec.1, T.42N.-R.3W.)


Mackinac Island (City). 


MIC8. (north of Algonquin Rd.; SW¼ sec.10, T.40N.-R.3W.)

MIC7. (north of Algonquin Rd.; SW¼ sec.10, T.40N.-R.3W.)

MIC6. (north of Algonquin Rd.; SW¼ sec.10, T.40N.-R.3W.)

MIC1. (east of Market St.; SW¼ sec.14, T.40N.-R.3W.)

MIC2. (northeast of Cadotte St.; NE¼ sec.15, T.40N.-R.3W.)

MIC12. (north of Park Rd.; SW¼ sec.3, T.40N.-R.3W.)

MIC13. (east of Carriage Rd.; SE¼ sec.10, T.40N.-R.3W.) 

St. Ignace, City.

SIC1. (north of Ferry Ln.; SW¼ sec.17, T.40N.-R.3W.)

SIC2. (south of Burdette St.; SW¼ sec.17, T.40N.-R.3W.)

SIC3. (north of Portage St.; SW¼ sec.7, T.40N.-R.3W.)

~~&an extra&~~  

SIC4. (south of Prospect St.; NW¼ sec.18, T.40N.-R.3W.) Extra no. 18:

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Appendix. Locations: State outline map, County map with township borders, and List, by township,
of the barns and "extras" of which photographs are included in this album.  

          Sketch map. Location of Mackinac County within State of Michigan.

          Sketch map. Locations of townships within Mackinac County.  The black and white dashed lines indicate the approximate boundaries between adjacent townships.  The two-letter indicators on this map are used to designate the townships where the barns are located in both the   captions of the photographs and on the following list.  West to east the correlations of the two-letter indicators and full names are:  Ne-Newton, Po-Portage, Ga-Garfield, Hu-Hudson, He-Hendricks, Mo-Moran, Br-Brevort, Si-St. Ignace, Ma-Marquette, Cl-Clark and Bb-Bois Blanc.
               Two additional indicators, MIC and SIC, are similarly utilized for the included barns that are on Mackinac Island and in St. Ignace, respectively.

List of photographed barns and"extras" by Townships.  These locations are plotted by number on the latest Plat Book ... (Mackinac County ..., 2009). The page number in that book is given directly after the number given each structure on this list.  That book and additional photos on CD are on file in the XXnameXX Library, XXplaceXX, Michigan.

Bois Blanc Township
           Bb1. (p. 44=extra #1) north of Lime Kiln Point Rd.; SE¼ sec.17*     T.39N.-R. 2W.
see text re section designation.  

Brevort Township  [[7 + 4 extras]]
           Br1. (p. 36=extra #2) east of H57;  SW¼ sec.2,                                     T.41N.-R.5W.
           Br2. (p. 36) west of H57; NW¼ sec.2,                                                     T.41N.-R.5W.
           Br3. (p. 37) south of H57; NW¼ sec.5,                                                   T.41N.-R.4W.
           Br4. (p. 31=extra #3)) north  of H57; NW¼ sec.32,                              T.42N.-R.4W.
           Br5. (p. 31) north  of Dukes Rd.; NE¼ sec.31,                                       T.42N.-R.4W.
           Br6. (p. 31) south of Dukes Rd.; SE¼ sec.31,                                         T.42N.-R.4W.
           Br7. (p. 37=extra #4) north of Rte. 129; SE¼ sec.4,                              T.41N.-R.4W.
           Br9. (p. 30) west of Black Point Rd.; SE¼ sec.25,                                 T.42N.-R.5W.
           Br10. (p. 37) east of Langdon Rd.; NE¼  sec.5,                                      T.41N.-R.4W.
           Br11. (p. 31) east of Martin Rd.; NW¼ sec.33,                                      T.42N.-R.4W.
           Br12. (p. 30=extra #5west of Black Point Rd.; SW¼ sec.36,              T.42N.-R.5W.
                 Br13. (p. 32=extra #5awest of Rte. 123.; SW¼ sec.4,                          T.41N.-R.4W.

Clark Township   [[9 + 1 extra]]
           Cl1. (p. 34) north of Nye Rd.; SW¼ sec.21,                                            T.42N.-R.1W.
           Cl2. (p. 34=extra #6) south of State St.; SW¼ sec.25,                           T.42N.-R.1W.
           Cl3. (p. 35) east of Meridian St.; NW¼ sec.31,                                      T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl4. (p. 35) north of Norquist Rd.; SE¼ sec.18,                                     T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl5. (p. 35) north of Swede Rd.; SE¼ sec.7,                                           T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl6. (p. 35) west of Winberg Rd.; SW¼ sec.9,                                        T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl7. (p. 35) north of Swede Rd.; SW¼ sec.9,                                          T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl8. (p. 35) south of Swede Rd.; NE¼ sec.15,                                         T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl9. (p. 35) east of Rte. 129; S sec.18,                                               T.42N.-R.1E.
           Cl11. (p. 35) south of 30 Mile Rd.; NE¼ sec.1,                                       T.42N.-R.1E.   (= #105, p.45 in Pickford..., 2004)
Garfield Township  [[50(+3) + 4 extras]]
             The following sketch map shows the locations of the barns shown by photographs in this album.  It is given, along with the list of locations, because the numbers of the photographs, and thus of the locations, do not have any logical relationship to the roads and geography.  They are, instead, in the order in which the photographs were taken, and that depended upon such things such as light conditions and traffic.  It is hoped that the map will aid anyone going through the area who might want to correlate their travel plans and routes they take to see the photographed barns.     

           Ga1. (p. 11) east of Rte. 117; SW¼ sec.16,                                            T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga2. (p. 11) east of Rte. 117; NW¼ sec.16,                                           T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga3. (p. 11) west of Rte. 117; SE¼ sec.8,                                              T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga4. (p. 17)west of Price Rd.; NE¼ sec.30,                                          T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga5. (p. 17)south of Linck Rd.; NW¼ sec.18,                                      T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga6. (p. 17)south of Linck Rd.; NE¼ sec.18,                                       T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga7. (p. 17)east of Pleasant Ave.; NW¼ sec.8,                                    T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga8. (p. 17)west of Pleasant Ave.; NE¼ sec.7,                                     T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga9. (p. 17)east of Pleasant Ave.; SW¼ sec.5,                                     T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga10. (p. 17)west of Price Rd.; SE¼ sec.19,                                        T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga11. (p. 17)north of Price Rd.; NW¼ sec.20,                                    T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga12. (p. 17=extra #7)north of Linck Rd.; SE¼ sec.8,                       T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga13. (p. 17=extra #8)west of Pleasant Ave.; SE¼ sec.6,                   T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga14. (p. 11)north of Patzen Rd.; SW¼ sec.31,                                   T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga15. (p. 11)east of Pleasant Ave.; SW¼ sec.32,                                 T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga16. (p. 11=extra #9)west of Pleasant Ave.; NE¼ sec.31,                T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga17. (p. 11)east of Pleasant Ave.; NW¼ sec.32,                                T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga18. (p. 11)north of Kovar Rd.; NW¼ sec.30,                                  T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga19. (p. 17)east of Krause Rd.; SW¼ sec.10,                                    T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga20. (p. 17)south of Raski Rd.; NE¼ sec.9,                                       T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga21. (p. 17)north of Raski Rd.; SW¼ sec.3,                                      T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga22. (p. 17)east of Indian Trl.; SW¼ sec.2,                                       T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga24. (p. 17)north of Hiawatha Trl. [Rte. H40]; NE¼ sec.15,          T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga25. (p. 17)west of Krause Rd.; NE¼ sec.4,                                      T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga26. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; SE¼ sec.33,                                    T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga27. (p. 17) west of Indian Trl.; NE¼ sec.10,                                    T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga29. (p. 17) west of Indian Trl.; SE¼ sec.10,                                     T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga30. (p. 17) southeast of Raski Rd.; SE¼ sec.9,                                 T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga31. (p. 17) south of Raski Rd.; SW¼ sec.9,                                      T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga32. (p. 11=extra #10) west of Krause Rd.; NE¼ sec.33,                 T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga33. (p. 11) east of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.27,                                   T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga34. (p. 11) south of McKelvey Rd.; NW¼ sec.27,                            T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga35. (p. 11) north of McKelvey Rd.; SW¼ sec.21,                            T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga36. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; SW¼ sec.21,                                   T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga37. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.21,                                  T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga38. (p. 11) north of Sandtown Rd.; SW¼ sec.15,                             T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga39. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; SE¼ sec.16,                                    T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga40. (p. 11) east of Krause Rd.; SW¼ sec.15,                                    T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga41. (p. 11) east of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.15,                                   T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga42. (p. 11) east of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.15,                                   T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga43. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; NW¼ sec.16,                                  T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga44. (p. 11) north of Brown Rd.; SE¼ sec.9,                                     T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga45. (p. 11) east of Rte. 117; NW¼ sec.21,                                         T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga46. (p. 11) west of Rte 117; SE¼ sec.20,                                           T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga47. (p. 11) south of McKelvey Rd.; NW¼ sec.29,                            T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga48. (p. 11) south of McKelvey Rd.; NE¼ sec.29,                             T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga49. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; NE¼ sec.17,                                          T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga50. (p. 17) east of Rte.117; SW¼ sec.4,                                            T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga51. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; SE¼ sec.5,                                             T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga52. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; NE¼ sec.5,                                            T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga53. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; NE¼ sec.5,                                            T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga54. (p. 11) west of Rte.117; SE¼ sec.32,                                           T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga55. (p. 11) west of Rte.117; SE¼ sec.32,                                           T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga56. (p. 11) west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.32,                                         T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga57. (p. 17) east of Rte. 117; NW¼ sec.4,                                           T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga58. (p. 17) west of Rte. 117; NE¼ sec.8,                                            T.43N.-R.10W
           Ga59. (p. 11) west of Rte. 117; SW¼ sec.29,                                         T.44N.-R.10W.
           Ga60. (p. 17) north of Hiawatha Trl.; NW¼ sec.15,                            T.43N.-R.10W.
           Ga61. (p. 11) northeast of Warner Rd.; NE¼ sec.27,                          T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga63. (p. 11) north of McKelvy Rd.; SE¼ sec.20,                               T.44N.-R.10W.
(p. 11) north of McKelvy Rd.; SE¼ sec.20,                               T.44N.-R.10W.
                             (The last two are additions to the first 135; they are NOT plotted on the preceding map.)

Hendricks Township [[1 + 1 extra]]
           He1. (p. 20=extra #11) north of Epoufette Bay Rd.; SW¼ sec.3,       T.42N.-R.7W.
           He3. (p. 20) south end of Kenyon Rd.; NE¼ sec.8,                              T.42N.-R.7W.

Hudson Township [[0 + 1 extra]]
           Hu1. (p. 19=extra #12) west of Black River Rd.; SE¼ sec.19,            T.43N.-R.8W.

Marquette Township [[24 + 2 extras]]
           Ma1. (p. 25=extra #13) east of Simmons Rd.; SW¼ sec.30,                 T.43N.-R.2W.
           Ma2. (p. 33) south of St. Ignace Rd.; NE¼ sec.9,                                  T.42N.-R.2W.
           Ma3. (p. 33=extra #14) north of St. Ignace Rd.; SE¼ sec.9,                T.42N.-R.2W.
           Ma4. (p. 26) north of Taylor Rd.; SE¼ sec.9,                                        T.43N.-R.1W
           Ma5. (p. 26) south of Taylor Rd.; NW¼ sec.14,                                     T.43N.-R.1W
           Ma6. (p. 26) west of Rte. 48/129; NE¼ sec.24,                                       T.43N.-R.1W
           Ma7. (p. 26) west of Rte. 48/129; NE¼ sec.25,                                       T.43N.-R.1W
           Ma8. (p. 26) south of Rockview Rd.; NW¼ sec.36,                                T.43N.-R.1W.
     NOTE:  A black and white photograph and information about each of the following barns is in Pickford..., 2004.  The photos shown in this album provide a different view, taken in 2011, of each of these barns.  The numbers following the MaP- prefix indicate the order in which these photographs were taken, which also provides a good order to view the barns.  The information in parentheses at the end of each barn location corresponds to the number and page where information about the barn is in the Pickford ... (2004) publication.  It seems noteworthy that five additional barns, no longer present, are also shown in the Mackinac County section recorded in  Pickford ... (ibid.)         
           MaP-1. (p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.1,                               T.43N.-R.1W. (= #56, p.28)
           MaP-2. (p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NE¼ sec.6,                                T.43N.-R.2W. (= #24, p.16)
           MaP-3. (p. 26) east of 5 Mile Rd.; NE¼ sec.6,                                       T.43N.-R.2W. (= #26, p.16)
           MaP-4. (p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.5,                               T.43N.-R.2W. (= #32, p.19)
           MaP-5. (p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.5,                               T.43N.-R.1W. (= #34, p.20)
           MaP-6. (p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NW¼ sec.2,                               T.43N.-R.1W. (= #54, p.27)
             MaP-7. (p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SE¼ sec.1,                                       T.43N.-R.1W. (= #58, p.28)
           MaP-8. (p. 26) south of Blair Rd.; NE¼ sec.12,                                     T.43N.-R.1W. (= #59, p.29)
           MaP-9. (p. 26) south of Blair Rd.; NE¼ sec.12,                                             T.43N.-R.1W. (= #61, p.29)
           MaP-10. (p. 26) west of 1 Mile Rd.; SW¼ sec.2,                                    T.43N.-R.1W. (= #62, p.30)
           MaP-11. (p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SW¼ sec.2,                                    T.43N.-R.1W. (= #64, p.31)
           MaP-12. (p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SW¼ sec.2,                                    T.43N.-R.1W. (= #65, p.31)
           MaP-13. (p. 26) north of Bla;ir Rd.; SE¼ sec.3,                                    T.43N.-R.1W. (= #67, p.32)
           MaP-14. (p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SE¼ sec.4,                                     T.43N.-R.1W.(= #68, p.32)
           MaP-15. (p. 26) south Taylor Rd.; NE¼ sec.14,                                    T.43N.-R.1W. (= #69, p.33)
           MaP-16. (p. 26) south Taylor Rd.; NE¼ sec.13,                                    T.43N.-R.1W. (= #71, p.34)
           MaP-17. (p. 26) west of Rte. 129/48; SE¼ sec.12,                                  T.43N.-R.1W. (= #72, p.34)
           MaP-18. (p. 26) west of Rte. 129/48; NE¼ sec.12,                                 T.43N.-R.1W. (= #73, p.35)
           MaP-19. (p. 26) south of Blair Rd.; NE¼ sec.12,                                   T.43N.-R.1W. (= #57, p.29

Moran Township [[5 + 0 extras]]
           Mo1. (p. 41)  northwest of New Portage Rd.; NW¼  sec.14,                 T.40N.-R.4W.
           Mo2. (p. 41)  south of Old Portage Rd.; NW¼ sec.1,                             T.40N.-R.4W.
           Mo3. (p. 41)  northwest of Martin Lake Rd.; NW¼  sec.9,                   T.40N.-R.4W.      
           Mo4. (p. 22) north of Lovegrove Rd.; SE¼ sec.4,                                  T.43N.-R.5W.
           Mo6. (p. 41)  east of Gros Cap Rd.; NW¼ sec.8,                                    T.40N.-R.4W.
           Mo7. (p. 41) east of East Martin Lake Rd; NE¼ sec.9,                        T.40N.-R.4W.
                             (This last one is an addition to the first 135.)
Newton Township [[9 + 2 extras]]
           Ne1. (p. 16) west of Greenwald Rd.; NE¼ sec.25,                                 T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne2. (p. 16) south of Rte. 2; NE¼ sec.25,                                               T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne3. (p. 15=extra #16) north of Brotherton Rd.; SW¼ sec.2,              T.43N.-R.12W.
           Ne4. (p. 16) north of Clark Rd.; SE¼ sec.28,                                         T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne5. (p. 16) east of Brawley Rd.; NW¼ sec.26,                                      T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne6. (p. 28) west of S. Gould City Rd.; SW¼ sec.28,                             T.42N.-R.11W.
           Ne7. (p. 28) west of S. Gould City Rd.; SW¼ sec.28,                             T.42N.-R.11W.
           Ne8. (p. 16) south of Main St., Gould City; SW¼ sec.28,                      T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne9. (p. 16) north of Hiawatha Trl.[=H40]; NE¼ sec.23,                     T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne10. (p. 16=extra #15) north of Hiawatha Trl.=H40]; NE¼ sec.23   T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne11. (p. 16) north of Clark Rd.; SE¼ sec.28,                                       T.43N.-R.11W.   
           Ne12. (p. 16) north of Rte. 2; SE¼ sec.24,                                              T.43N.-R.11W.
           Ne13. (p. 15) northwest of Long Lake north of Rte. 2; SE¼ sec.16?,   T.43N.-R.12W.
                             (This last two -- i.e., Ne12 & Ne13 -- are additions to the first 135.)

Portage Township [[5 + 1 extra]]
           Po1. (p. 10) east of Rte. H-33, SW¼ sec 30,                                            T.43N.-R.11W.
           Po2. (p. 9) east of County Line Rd., SW¼ sec.7,                                    T.44N.-R.12W.
           Po3. (p. 9) south of Ketola Rd., NE¼ sec.7,                                            T.44N.-R.12W.
           Po4. (p. 9) east of County Line Rd., NW¼ sec 7,                                    T.44N.-R.12W.
           Po5. (p. 9=extra #17) east of McGahn Rd., SE¼ sec 17,                       T.44N.-R.12W.
           Po7. (p. 10) north of Sandtown Rd., SW¼ sec.17,                                  T.44N.-R.11W.

St. Ignace Township [[4 + 0 extras
           Si1. (p. 32) north of Charles Moran Rd.; SE¼ sec.30,                           T.41N.-R.3W.
           Si2. (p. 32) west of Pine River Rd.(south of Rte. 134); NE¼ sec.10,     T.42N.-R.3W.
           Si3. (p. 37) south of Rte. 129; NE¼ sec.11,                                              T.41N.-R.3W.
           Si4. (p. 32) north of St. Ignace Rd.; SE¼ sec.1,                                        T.42N.-R.3W.

Mackinac Island, City [[7 (+2) + 0 extras]]
           MIC1. (p. 42)East of Market St.;  SW¼ sec.14,                                      T.40N. R.3W.
           MIC3. (p. 42)Southwest of Cadotte St.; NE¼ sec.15,                             T.40N. R.3W.
           MIC6. (p. 42)North of Algonquin Rd.;  SW¼ sec.10,                             T.40N. R.3W.
           MIC7. (p. 42)North of Algonquin Rd.; SW¼ sec.10,                              T.40N. R.3W.
           MIC8. (p. 42)North of Algonquin Rd.; SW¼ sec.10,                              T.40N. R.3W.
           MIC12. (p. 42)North of Park Rd.; SW¼ sec.3 ,                                      T.40N. R.3W.
           MIC13. (p. 42)East of Carriage Rd.; SE¼ sec.10,                                  T.40N. R.3W.

St. Ignace, City [[3 + 0 extras]]
           SIC1. (p. 41& 49) north of Ferry Lane; SW¼ sec.17,                           T.40N.-R.3W.
           SIC2. (p. 41& 49) south of Burdette St.; SW¼ sec.17,                           T.40N.-R.3W.
           SIC3. (p. 41& 48) north of Portage St.; SW¼ sec.7,                              T.40N.-R.3W.
           SIC4. (p. 41& 48=extra #18)) south of Prospect St.; NW¼ sec.18,       T.40N.-R.3W.

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