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Definition (as used on this site):  DOODLE (n.):  Illustration sketched more-or-less absent-mindedly to reduce tensions. 

     All, except parts of two, of those on this site were produced using Paint, and nearly all of them are presented in original bitmap format. 

      The "title" in each of the spaces of the tables is linked to a "doodle."  Note: Some of the doodles will appear to be incomplete -- e.g.,
some solid lines on the originals will appear to be broken (incomplete) -- unless the images are viewed on a full screen.

To see two "short stories" with doodles as illustrations, see             
                                                                                                OOHs for TWOs,
which begins about half way through this site.

    Note:  More that 150 of the doodles on this website are included in a Booklet  ("Dirk's Doodles"). 
                        Those  NOT in that booklet follow;   of those, the ones preceded by a red asterisk (
*) have been
                         tentatively chosen for inclusion in a Second volume of Dirk's DOODLES that is in preparation:

        1st tabulated group:    Cross Roads;  My Crossroads;  Red Square; *I need some Zzzzs

        2nd group:   12/25/06;  Dog day ... ;  J.D.- ... ;  Ready, Dear;  Wedding photo

        3rd group:   Happy Easter;  *Pent up;  Favorite color

        4th group:   Auntie's hat;  *Norge Lake;  Nightmare no more;  *Winter storage

        5th *Minerals plus;  ??TV problems;  White lines;  Snow;  *Triangles

         6th group:   What's the point?;  You name it;  Circles on Squares;  Mirror, mirror:Do ... ;  *One pillar of strength;      I'm ...

7th group:   *Got-cha!;  Our tears ... ;  Arcs;  A hungover cat's eye

          8th group:   Spring cleaning;  Self-centered square;  No fuel like an old fuel?;  *A Square's bumbleshoot;  *Fasten your seat belts;       *?Shall we talk?

          9th group:   Tenting tonight ...;  *Imbalance ? !;  Towhead's "What ...;  Lines & Curves;  *Guess Who;  *Parlor Croquet;     Eden

         10th group:   Yet to be named;  *It's Time;  Someone(s) erred!;  Way to go?;  *God knows - - -;  

        11th group:   Up yonder;  Today's malediction?;  *Redeye express;  Color by sequence;  *Pushups;  I lost my right ski

     ALSO, the llast centered doodle.

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"Q" moon cheer-
leader practice
How about that? Selva Verde Butterfly Gallopagos Hybrid Fish Tale Cross Roads
My Crossroads Contemplating my toe NE Iowa - 1947 Siberia, Texas Red Square Grandmother's Parlor
Not my cup o' ... December 2000 I want my PJs
Me To!! I need some Zzzzs Sez Who ---

"DNA?? -- No Stay" -GWB
<---Pause a bit on that one
First Snowfall
Krista's Holiday Tea-time Napkin
What's out back?
Out on the Town
Tiddly winks
Dog day - Six years late
Rain Forest
Eider's site to Lay my down
J.D.- "Are you ..."
Ready, Dear!
Wedding Photo
On short leashes

Welcome, Feathered Ones
I Swan: II swans -- Cousin Blue-bill
I cannot cackle on tippy toe
Happy Easter
Siblings ? Pent up Favorite color! ! ! Mirror, mirror ... Young lady: s...!!!
Nova on the horizon
My rushes, Moses! !
Left lip methinks
Tennis anyone?


I come bearing gifts
A bit large methinks
Auntie's Hat
Auntie's NEW Hat
I heard that!!
Great Den BaaBaaBlack Sheep...
Roi, Kwajalein
Kwaj '45-Off we go-
Trichronactyl: I'm waiting Not my town! !
Down by the riverside Red sails in the ...
Water spouts
Norge Lake
Nightmare no more
Winter storage

        Who says pigs can't fly ?

Bluesey trombone
Shall we dance?
Vase and base Whoo! Whoo?
No bumpers -- So what
Minerals Plus
TV problems White lines Snow Poor Genuflection Our Dipper Runneth Over
Nine to Five
'Tis the season ...
Public Squares
Skewed Bilateral Triangles+

Are you sure?
What's the point? You name it. Are you sure? Yes! ! !
Welcome --- Heavens to Betsey Hybrid Cardinal Field in bloom Live Earth -- PLEASE! Circles on Squares
Mirror, mirror:
Do you like what You see??
Clogged blackboard eraser
One pillar of strength I'm ... A cotton-tailed Plopster
John-o'-lantern after
the first killing frost

The Laugh is on me.
Curve or slider?
Aspirations Our tears ...
Blue note --
Come Fly with me 
Billy(!) -- you?
Smoking or non?? Fieldgoal try --Blustery weather Porro prisms plus It's a Jungle-I need these!!!
Arcs Really  ? ? Not on my wall!! ! New Shoes
A hungover cat's eye
Bait -- Obviously! ! !

A bird in the Hand is worth Two in a Bush !

Back in MY day, ... Twins at third and first Blue-bellied Surfbird Spring Cleaning Crop dusting on call Self-centered square
No fuel like and old fuel? A Square's bumbleshoot Choirboy Take off  > > JONAH?? -- Not here~~!
Between the drops
It's no load. -- It's my brother! I'm not ready to hatch! WE Did It ! ! Fasten your seat belts!
Post-concert thoughts
Shall we talk?

Tenting tonight ...
How about my new collar?
Will you ? ?
Astronaut with 
heterochromia ...

 Punting practice
One Sunday Evening

Twins: NoSo & oSoN "Bloo" D. Hound, Sir Imbalance ? !  Selecting a Tie ... Towhead's "What to do"
--- ? ? ?

Lines & Curves
 Guess Who.  Rooftop Aerie  Parlor Croquet
  Chow Time   -- As named -- Eden

Yet to be named   Nary a Drop  Fishtrap Peeping Tom
Also, Stella --
Tom's Mate!

AND,  their

Sorry, Mom
Houdini in a Box
It's Time.
Gobi egg - at
Colgate U.
Someone(s) erred!
Way to go >
Abel's canes
God knows - - -
Barbershop quartet
TOYS ...
An alternative, Doc ??
Bath Time


Into the Wild Blue -- Up Yonder Today's malediction ? Overhead ET's Sibling Not I
Redeye express Sunset on Oso Bay Reflections Kwaj Reef pool
at low tide in the
Color by sequence King of the Grapes
Now I lay me down ...
I lost my right ski!
More later ! ? ! More later ! ? !

Rune:  "Behold -- But, there was none.

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The "PLUS"

 OOHs  for TWOs:

 UFO...s at a Zoo

                                                                                                                             by R.V. (“Dick”) Dietrich


              WHAT’S HERE ? ? ?

          Well, it’s a zoo for UFOoers – creatures you have never seen before.  And, each of them has something to say to YOU.
         These creatures have seldom been seen by anyone on our Earth.  And, you will not see them.  You will only see posters that show what they look like.  But, you can also read some of the things they think about themselves.  These thoughts are taken from audios they sent to me so I could tell you a bit about each of them. 


I. FOUR-SQUARE.  “I am always on time, I am straight-forward. My  stands for INTEGRITY.   As my parents often told me  ‘ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND TO OTHERS!’.  Another thing, which my father often said, that is a favorite of mine, is ‘BETTER NEVER THAN LATE.’ ”

U. IMAGINE. “My name and advice to YOU is this: Have an open mind. USE YOUR IMAGINATION.  I think daydreaming is great mental exercise. Those who say ‘An open mind is only a hole in one’s head’ are nincompoops.  Imagination has led to many GREAT things.  And, Imagination is fun, Fun, FUN!!!”

Professor  EXPERIENCE.  Prof. E., although of few words, is known as a great teacher.  His credo, frequently stated to his students and those who choose to be his advocates is: "Build on others’ as well as your own actions and reactions to those actions!” –  a lesson for all of us to learn and to use to broaden our base of information.   His audio also includes the following:  “Be a careful observer. Remember what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste, what you feel.  BUT, when you use those observations, always RECOGNIZE YOUR LIMITATIONS!!      [Credit:  Part of Prof. E., especially his head, is based on a work of art that I saw on-line but failed to record its home URL or any other pertinent information about it.  Later, I used the Google search program for images in my attempts to find the original and did not find the original or anything about it.  I apologize for this poor procedure and even more to the person(s) whose permission I did not get and consequently am unable to provide an appropriate credit here.]

I wonder if their messages would change if U. Imagine and Prof. E. were put  
                in a box, a barrel or a bag and tumbled. –
Would a bit of each of their thoughts “rub off” on the other???  
              Whatever, on to more of the posters.


I. KNOW-IT-ALL.   It seems there is always one of this kind of character, no matter what the group.  Nothing on its audio seems worth repeating!!


B. SKEPTIC.   “If you’re not sure, CHECK IT OUT!  Check, Check, Check and then Recheck.” (Skeptic also tells every creature it sees:  "Never let your skepticism become cynicism.  Skepticism and cynicism are NOT twins.  They are not even related.  Skepticism is healthy questioning and praiseworthy; cynicism is scornful, bitter, ... and should be on everyone’s never-NEVER list.”)

 Next, a set of twins:  N.T. CLEAN and J.B. ORDERLY:

 N.T. CLEAN. The "N" is for neat.  The "T" is for tidy.  Its audio proclaims  “SPIC and SPAN – That's it."
  J.B. is ever arranging and rearranging things so they best fit their spaces. The initials "J" and "B" are said to stand for "Just Because."  J.B. often does such things as straighten pictures on walls – no matter whose walls they are.  J.B.'s sing-song audio is a repeated series of  “A bit to the left, ... Now to the right, ... There.  ...  But not quite, ... Up just a tad, ... Now ...  "

  This poster, the last in this exhibit, is one of my favorites.  U.B. CALM, a master of tranquility, is an example for all.  U.B. usually walks on tiptoes. Its audio is a soft, soothing whisper that seems to be directed especially to anyone who is frazzled or tired: “Take time to rest, sleep in PEACE.”


  As YOU sleep, DREAM --
Try to imagine what creatures
  will be in the next
 OOHs for Twos
      =+++\<-Use Your Imagination->/+++=

        OOHs  for TWOs:

               Outre Queue           
                                                                                            by R.V. (“Dick”) Dietrich


A. PRIMPER.  "A," 'dressed to the nines’ – bells on its toes, and other places – poses atop a runway.  "A" just wants to be seen.  "A" has No thoughts, for you . . .      


Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, 'Grandma' Moses, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt,  Golda Meir, Marian Anderson, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, 'Babe' Didrikson Zaharias, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Indira Gandhi, and many many others both well-known and anonymous or unacknowledged.  I strut because my sisters have contributed so much to our multiverse!  Sometimes, I proudly break out and sing loudly and clearly:   'Women, Women, WOMEN !' ”

(SHOWOFF).  “My parents, a circus clown and a juggler, were proud when I was born.  They named me Imposing Magnificent Actor because they had great aspirations for my future.  Unfortunately, I haven't fulfilled their aspirations.  But, they still tell me how proud they are of me. That makes me do my best, whatever I do.  It is really great that good PARENTS ARE PROUD OF THEIR 'KIDS,' at least most of the time.”

WILLTO B. DIFFERENT looks like a duck –  a "duck" that, unlike most ducks, has a back that will not shed water.  And, Willto is not afraid to admit it.  You, I suspect, also have some "differences" from others of your ken.  But, I also suspect you try not to let them even know. You prefer to be "one of the crowd."  Indeed, most of us try, often too hard, not to be different. Wilto, who seems to be a wonderfully adjusted creature, gives us the following advice on its audio: “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!”

Dana DISABLED prefers not to be featured on a poster.  Instead, Dana has provided two posters:  The main one features Dana's hat and canes. With its brain (beneath the hat) and its limited mobility (using canes) Dana spends most of the time making things that will help others – especially their mental states.  Dana made the second poster, a cartoon "Give it a Nudge," with the hope that anyone who sees it will realize that the "bad times that seem to last forever" will pass quickly if given just a gentle nudge.



I. PROBE looks for ore, oil, ancient relics, just about anything you can imagine.  I.P.'s real purpose, however, is to find ANSWERS!  On an audio that was given to those of us who visited I.P.s laboratory gives some strong advice that is summed up well by its title:  “PROBE ! ! !  –  especially for answers.”

, her preferred name, is the ~French for her real given name – Iva Sense-Humor.  Iva is an American from upstate New York (Hammond, St. Lawrence County, I believe), who has spent much of her life in France. As an Earthly being, her appearance, actually a caricature, on the poster included with this group is a bit of an anomaly.  She is with the group as an ambassador from the United Nations.  Her position description has her primary role "to inform those of the Outre Queue about other more normal [whatever that might mean] beings."  Like the repartee of many such appointees, most the statements on Iva's audio are platitudes.  A few of them that seem worth repeating here relate to the ever present Smile on Iva's face:   “The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.  If you smile at someone, (s)he will often  smile back at you.  [and]  A smile can brighten the darkest day.”

  =+++\<-Have a Good Day->/+++=

R.V ("Dick") Dietrich (b. 1924), a native of the St. Lawrence Valley, Northern New York, is a graduate of Colgate University (A.B.), and Yale University (M.S. & Ph.D -- Geology).  He is not an artist but likes to doodle. Now retired, he was a College professor of Geology, with Petrology his main field of research.  He has authored or coauthored many professional papers and books, some of which are textbooks, and also 14 web sites, most of which are available at .   For additional informaton, click the following link:  XXXX

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