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Birds of Mackinac County, Michigan:
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LATEST ADDITION(s):  Tundra swan composite

  12 May 2012, west of Castle Rock Rd., south of Allenville, Brevort Twp. 
 [ "Unlikely Trio" or  "Two's company; three's a crowd!" ]

"A picture is worth a thousand words." 
                                                         [Tess Sanders, 1911 (but variously attributed)

This album includes photographs by 41 people.  More than 750 photographs are exhibited.  


           Names …: Common and scientific names are given for each bird.  The order of presentation is based on the birds’ common names – e.g., red-winged blackbird photographs appear as Blackbird, red-winged.  Information given for each photograph includes date and place where photograph was taken and name of photographer, who continues to hold rights (copyright) to the given photograph.  Centered photos are by photographers other than the compiler -- i.e., those flush left are mine.

           Additional information,  which is  given below several of the photographs includes one or more of the following:   "See also ///" includes links to addition photographs of the featured bird that are in the tabulated group;  that group is at the end of the album part of this document -- i.e., before the check list of birds recorded for the county.  Addotopmal remarks and/or the direction of attention to related photographs in one or more of the appendices are also given for some birds.

           Choices made so far as which photographs are displayed in the main album versus those included in the tabulated group are mine.  An EXPLANATION that relates to my involed considerations precedes the appendicies.

 As noted, THIS WEB SITE  IS CONTINUALLY UPDATED.   Please contact me if you have photograph(s) that you think might be good additions to this album.  

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Bittern, American 
(Bottaurus lentiginosus) 

     Upper left, 2 June 2011(photo © rvd);  upper right, 16 May 2010 (photo © Donna Pope);
ower center, 30 August 2009
(photo © Steve Baker);       
Each of these photographs was taken along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. 
             [ See also | Bittern, American  | in tabulated group. ]
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Blackbird, Red-winged (Agelaius phoeniceus)
     [Male]                                                                                                                                          [Female] 

            Left, 22 July 2015, Along Boulevard Dr.;  right,11 August 2015, Gros Cap, both Moran Twp. [not to same scale]
    Get better female photo for this composite.

            Both birds:  11 August 2015, Gros Cap, Moran Twp. 
               [two birds of a small flock that consisted largely of young birds and/or females]
             [ See also  |  Blackbird,red-winged(female) |,  |  Blackbird, red-winged  | and the photo in Appendix A."Remarkables".] 
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Blackbird, Rusty (Euphagus carolinus)  
            26 October 2012, east of Huron St., St. Ignace City.
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Blackbird, Yellow-headed (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus)

           For the Record:                                       May or June, 2009 or 2010,  west of Pleasant Ave., circa 4 1/2 miles
                                                                                     northnortheast of Engadine, Garfield Twp. 
(photo © Linda Boisclair)
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Bluebird, Eastern (Sialia sialis)

            25 May 2015, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.

    10 February 2012, near southwestern end of South State St., St. Ignace.  
 [Attention is directed to the date!]                                  (photo © Paul H. & Cindy Brown)
             [ See also  | Bluebird, eastern |, | Bluebird, eastern(Mac..Isld.) |    &   | Bluebird, eastern(February) |   in tabulated group. 
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Bluebird, Mountain (Sialia currcoides)

           For the Record:                            17 November 2010, "SW of Pickford, just barely in Mackinac County(?)"
                                                             (photo © Steve Baker)       
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Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus)
      [Left, male;  right, female]

            Left, 12 June 2011, north of Lake Brevort Rd., east of Wartella Rd., Bevort Twp.
            Right, 10 July 2014, northeast of intersection of Blair and 3-mile roads, Marquette Twp.
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Bobwhite, Northern (Colinus virginianus)

  9 April 2012, yard of photographer, State St., St. Ignace. 
(&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)
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  Bunting, Indigo (Passerina cyanea)                
            Left, 22 May 2011;   right, 19 May 2014. Both - Gros Cap, Moran Twp.                               
             [ See also  |  Bunting, indigo  ||  Bunting, indigo  |   &   | Bunting, indigo(Hudson Twp.) |   in tabulated group. 
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        Try to get photo of female for here --     

Bunting, Snow (Plectrophenax nivalis)

            27 October 2009, five, of a flock of about 40, in a waterfront parking lot on State St., St. Ignace.

            20 April 2013, two, "King and Queen of the Hill" -- this "hill" is a loose rock that is behind the Electric ... Co. building north of the junction of Betrand and Huron streets., St. Ignace.  [In late April and early May of a rather atypical winter (2012-13), some snow buntings, like these two, already had their summer plumage, which is seldom seen in this area.] 
             [ See also  | BuntingS, snow(flock) |  in tabulated group.                         
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Cardinal, Northern (Cardinalis cardinalis)           
      [Left, male;  right, female]

            9  & 10 December 2009, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
                   [Both are "puffed up" during a snowstorm, temperature <20°F.] 
             [ See also  | Cardinal, northern (female) | in tabulated group   and  the moulting cardinals in Appendix A."Remarkables".]
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Catbird, Gray (Dumetella carollinensis)

19 December 2014, photographer's yard, south end of Milakokia Lake, Newton Twp. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (photo © Barb Brockway)
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Chickadee, Black-capped
 (Poecile atricapillus)

            3 November 2010, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.

22 January 2011, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.        (photo © Krista Brown)
             [ See also  | Chickadee, black-capped |  in tabulated group. 
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 Coot, American (Fulica americana)

            25 October 2009, Cedarville waterfront, Clark Twp.
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Cormorant, Double-crested (Phalacrocorax auritus)

            All but lower right - 3, 4, & 5 May 2010, St. Ignace dock areas;  lower right - 25 September 2014, #2 pond southwest of Castle Rock Rd., Brevort Twp.  [[ Photos do not show birds at same size;  Not a favorite bird(!!!), framing them seemed not worth the time!  Inclusion of the lower right immature bird was prompted by interesting reflections. ]]. 
             [ See also  | *Cormorant, double-crested | & | Cormorant, double-crested | in tabulated group.   
Better photos of cormorant's head are to be taken . . . !  | Checklist |
Cormorant, ?Neotropic (Phalacrocorax ?brasilianus) 

            7 September 2013, South shore, Brevort Lake, Brevort Twp.
       [ This bird is listed with the question mark because I have found no prior report of its occurrence within the county.  There is a possibility that it is really  a SMALL adult double-crested cormorant in non-breeding plumage rather than a neotropic cormorant.  Indeed, a couple of its characteristics  -- e.g., the color of this bird's lores -- seem better to fit the alternative possibility.  In any case, although my experiience with these two cormorants -- gained during several three-month-plus winters living  and observing both of these species along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico -- supports better the Neotropic species ID, it seems prudent to question this ID (and, admittedly, even to wonder if this bird is a hybrid -- see (A & S -- refs cited are on list part of this web site). ]
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Cowbird, Brown-headed (Molothrus ater
            Left, male -- 13 April 2015, Evergreen Shores, St. Ignace Twp.
            Right, male(upper bird) and female -- 3 April 2010, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
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Crane, Sandhill (Grus canadensis)

            7 September 2014, east of Wartella Rd., south of junction with Brevort Lake Rd., Brevort Twp.  
[The above photographs are part of a ten-photo sequence -- See | Crane, sandhill Sequence | in tabulated group.
             [ See also  | Crane, sandhill ( Sequence ,,,) |, | Crane, sandhill (Great evnivronment, near Rexton) |, | Crane, sandhill  (partly brown from preening?!) |,
| CraneS, Sandhill (dozen, Garfield Twp.) |   &   |  Cranes, Sandhill (& hostess)  |   in tabulated group.]
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Creeper, Brown (Certhia americana)

23 April 2013,  near end of East Martin Lake Rd., Moran Twp.
                                                                            (photo © Harold Kriesche)   
[Photo was brightened but otherwise unmodified.]
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Crossbill, White-winged (Loxia leucoptera)

 April 2013, near end of East Martin Lake Rd., Moran Twp. 
                                                                        (photos © Harold Kriesche)   
             [ See also  |  Crossbill, white-winged  |  in tabulated group.
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 Crow, American (Corvus brachyrhynchos)

            24 March 2010, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
             [ See also | Crow, American |  & |  Crow & Raven compared  |    in tabulated group.
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Cuckoo, Black-billed (Coccyzus erythropthalmus)

16 August 2013, photographer's yard, Mackinac Island. 
                                                   (&photo © Elizabeth Murcko)
             [ See also  | Cuckoo, black-billed (Brevort Twp.) |   in tabulated group.]
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Cuckoo, Yellow-billed (Coccyzus americanus)

5 October 2009, Pte. LaBarbe, Moran Twp.       (photo © Steve Baker)
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<>Dove, Mourning (Zenaida macroura)

       12 July 2011, Evergreen Shores, St. Ignace Twp.                            (photo © Mary Hough) 
             [ See also  | Dove, mourning (note tail)  |    &    | Dove, mourning |   in tabulated group.
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Dowitcher, Short-billed (Limnodromus grieus)
            17 April 2015, wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp. 
             [ See also   | Dowitcher, short(?)-billed (Clark Twp.) |   in tabulated group. ] 
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Duck, American Black !? (Anas rubripes)
            25 March 2012, offshore from the American Legion Memorial Park, State St., St. Ignace. 
  [The following comments are NOT to say that no black ducks occur within this area or elsewhere within the county;  they do(!), and the above photograph may be of one of them.   Nonetheless, it seems noteworthy to mention that some birds of this general appearance that have been identified as black ducks(".") may have been black duck-mallard hybrids (i.e., Anas platyrhynchos/rubripes) or female or young mallards.  The "!?", which is included in the heading for this photograph, was put there to direct attention to this proviso.  (And, the better part of discretion accounts for the use of one of my photos here rather than someone else's identified as a black duck.)] 
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Duck: Bufflehead 
(Bucephala albeola) 
     [Left, male;  right, female]

            17 April 2015, wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.   
             [ See also  | Duck -- Bufflehead |   in tabulated group.
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Duck: Canvasback (Aythya valisineria)  
Same locality as next entry.       (photo © Robert B. Brown)
      [Left, male;  right, female]
            13 April 2010, Waterfront along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.. 
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Duck: Gadwall (Mareca strepera) (Anas strepera)

            2 June 2016, southwest of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. [lower photo: Left, male; right, female]
             [ See also  | Duck --Gadwall  |   in tabulated group.]  
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Duck: Goldeneye, Barrow's (Bucephala islandica)*

         For the Record:          2 October 2016, Lake Brevort, offshore from Rte. H-57, Brevort Twp.
                                                [ ? possibly Common x Barrow's hybrid ]
Duck: Goldeneye, Common (Bucephala clangula)
        [Left, male;  right, female]

            24 March 2010, waterfront, northeast of Indian Village, St. Ignace.Twp.
      [Female and juveniles]

            Waterfront, northeast of Indian Village, St. Ignace Twp.
        [Young birds of a few other species are included in the tabulated group of photographs.]

Duck, Long-tailed (Clangula hyemalis)

            Two upper photos 24 April 2012;  three lower photos:  2 May 2010;
                all off-shore from the old State ferry dock south of Ferry Ln., St. Ignace. 
             [ See also  | Duck, Long-tailed | in tabulated group. ]    
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Duck: Mallard (Anas platyrynchos)  
    [Adult female]

            22 October 2009, waterfront, north of Indian Village, St. Ignace.
    [Adult male]

            22 October 2009, waterfront, north of Indian Village, St. Ignace.
             [ See also  "Frontispiece."
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Duck: Merganser, Common (Mergus merganser)
    [Left, male;  right, female]
            25 March 2010, St. Ignace waterfront

            4 November 2009, along board walk, St. Ignace waterfront.

                North side of Prospect Stree, St. Ignace.                                  (photo © Robert B. Brown)
            Nest: The above "nest" and close-up and additional photographs -- taken by  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  were taken of this nest when it was occupied in different years during the early 2010s.  Observers have often expressed the opinion that it is destined to fail so far as producing young mergansers that would survive.  Information that may invalidate these laments is included on the following linked photographs.    
             [ See also   | Duck, merganser, common (Nests) |    &    | Duck, merganser,common (Nest Info) |    in the tabulated group.]  
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Duck: Merganser, Hooded (Lophodytes cucullatus)
         [Left, male;  right, female]

            6 May 2012, offshore near Indian Village, St. Ignace.

            5 November 2009, in southeastern Lake Brevort, north of Rte. H37, Brevort Twp.
Above males and females, with their diverse plumages, were members of an ~30-bird flock.]
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Duck: Merganser, Red-breasted (Mergus serrator)
         [Left, male;  right, female]

            19 April 2010, waterfront along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
             [ See also | Duck --Merganser, red-breasted |  &  | Duck, merganser, red-breasted (Ducklings) in tabulated group.]
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Duck: Northern Pintail (Anas acuta)

            11 April 2011, Waterfront along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
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Duck: Northern Shoveler  (Spatual clypeata) (Anas clypeata
         [Left, male;  right, female]

            Upper left male 10 May 2012, others 25 May 2012, wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.         
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Duck: Redhead (Aythya americana)  
[Male]                                                                                        [Female]
              17 April 2013, offshore former dock for the former train ferry ("The Chief"  -- Wawatam) 
                    in downtown St. Ignace.

             [ See also   | Duck -- Redhead (pair) |   in tabulated group. ]
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Duck, Ring-necked (Aythya collaris) 

            22 April 2014, off old State Ferry dock, beyond end of Ferry Lane, St. Ignace. 
                   [Below:  Left, male;  right, female]      
            1 May 2015, wastewater lagoon, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.
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Duck, Ruddy (Oxyura jamaicensis)

        For the Record               7 April 2010, May 20, wastewater lagoon, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.
                                           [The blank between the two represents a foreshortening.] 
(photo © Steve Baker)
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Duck: Scaup (Greater!?) (Aythya marila?) 
    [Upper, female;  lower, male]

            Top, 4 April 2010; bottom, 17 April 2010, St. Ignace waterfront.
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Duck: Scoter, White-winged (Melanitta fusca)

            19 April 2010, off old State Ferry dock, near end of Ferry Lane, St. Ignace. 
   [The four photos are of the same scoter.  Viewers have wondered if it -- see lower right -- was trying to emulate the mythical phoenix.]


            17 October 2017, off shore near "launching site" beside Boulevard Dr.just southeast of junction of Densmore Ave.
             [Excuse quality of photographs -- taken with difficultly UNmanagable light conditions.]
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DUCK:  Teal, Blue-winged  (Spatual discors(Anas discors)

            9 May 2016, Sand Bay on Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
          [Below:  Left, male;  right, female  

          22 April 2016,  Near the end of the man-made channel that extends from Brevort Lake, past the state launching site, to Duke's Road (Brevort Twp.).
             [ See also  | Duck-Teal, Blue-winged | (<- part of blue shows.)   &   | DuckS, TealS |  in the tabulated group.] 
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DUCK:  Teal, Green-winged (Anas crecca)
For the Record           4 May 2015, Lake Michigan,
                                       near-shore, Boulevard, Mortan Twp.
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Duck: Wigeon, American (Anas americana) 
      [Upper photo: male;  lower photos:  Left, male;  right, female]

            14 April 2010, Waterfront along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
| Checklist |

Duck, Wood (Aix sponsa) 

            17 April 2015, wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.
             [See also a female  Duck, wood (pair)  |   &   |  Duck, wood (male - nonbreeding)  |   in tabulated group.
Get good female photo for here!     | Checklist |

Dunlin (Calidrus alpina)

            18 May 2015, lake side of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
             [ See also  | Dunlin (16 December,St. Ignace) |  in the tablulated group. ] 
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Eagle, Bald (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

            27 October 2009, south side of Rte. 2, ~4 miles west of St. Ignace, Moran Twp.

January 2012, north of LaVake Rd., east of Allenville, Brevort Twp.     (photo © Ruth LaChapelle)
This photograph was taken by a motion-activated camera that was set up by Ruth LaChapelle.
 The attraction was a road-kill deer that was put on a property north of LaVake Road, Brevort Twp.
12 July 2013, on Little Cut Lane, which is off Walker Rd., west of Moran and north of Brevort Lake, Brevort Twp.
                                                    (photos, taken with cell 'phone, © Larry Hough)
            6 April 2010, shore near Pte. LaBarbe Rd., Moran Twp.
             [ See also  |Eagle, bald|, | Eagle, bald (Mac...Isld.) |, | *Eagle, bald (on ice, off Mac...Isld) |, | Eagle, bald (immature) |, | Eagle, bald (immature) || Eagle, bald (imm.; one of ~50) |   &  | Eagle, bald (color reversal) |   in tabulated group] 
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Eagle, Golden (Aquila chrysaetos)  -- See  below, right.
             [ The two following photographs show a bald eagle (left) and a golden eagle (right), both in flight;  These photographs show different shapes, dark and light patterns of the golden eagle, etc.  More definitive photos will replace these two when available.]
  8 June, 2011, Bals Eagle over Mackinac Island.          1 April 2010, Moran, Brevort Twp. 
                            (&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)                             (photo © Steve Baker)

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Egret, Cattle (Bubulcus ibis)

        For the Record                  XX;November 2016, Graham Point area, southeastern St. Ignace           (photos ©  Sally Herbon)
Egret, Great (Ardea alba)
            6 July 2015, "Sand Bay" along Boulevard Dr.,                  20 May 2017,  waterfront along Boulevard Dr.,
                                    Moran Twp.       (photo © rvd)                                  Moran Twp.     (photo © Caroline Cheeseman)

            24 May 2015, pond south of Poupard Bay, Moran Twp.
             [ See also  | Egret,great & Swan,mute |    | Egret, great  |  In tabulated group.]
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FALCONS (photographs are NOT all at same scale !):

Falcon:  Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) 

         For the Record:                                20  January 2005, near north end of "Big Mac" bridge
                                                                                (photo © Steve Baker)       
| Checklist |

Falcon:  Kestrel, American (Falco sparverius)

            14 September 2010, Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
             [ See also    | Falcon, Kestrel |  in Tabulated group. 
| Checklist |
Falcon:  Merlin (Falco columbarius)

            3 May 2014, north of Taylor Rd. 
                 east of Rutledge Rd., Marquette Twp.                           
             [ See also    | Falcon, Merlin |   &   | Falcon, Merlin |    in tabulated group.] 
| Checklist |

Falcon:  Peregrine (Falco perginus)

              [ See also | Falcon, peregrine '16 |   &   | Falcon, peregrine '17 |  in the tabulated group  and the photograph in Appendix B. Wish List.]
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Finch, Purple (Haemorphous purpureus) 
[Left, male;  right, female]

Left, 22 October 2005, St. Ignace - backyard feeder of of photographer.     (photo © Ruth LaChapelle) 
   Right,  !?date to come?!, near end of East Martin Lake Rd., Moran Twp.    (photo © Harold Kriesche)   

            Left to right:  Male purple finch, American goldfinch and female purple finch.  24 February 2014, Gros Cap, Moran Twp. 
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Flicker, Northern (Colaptes auratus) 
    [Female]                                                                      [Male] 

            Left, 15 April 2015;  right, 21 July 2014,  both Gros Cap, Moran Twp. 
             [ See also  | Flicker,northern (male & female) |   &   | Flicker, northern (nestlings +) |  in tabulated group.]  
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Flycatcher, Alder(?*) (Empidonax alnorum)

           For the Record:               5 June 2015, north of Boulevard Drive, Moran Twp.
             [*I did not hear the bird's call. It may be one of the other empidomax flycatchers.]
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Flycatcher, Great Crested  (Myiarchus crinitus)
          -- Both, Mackinac Island.                                                                  (&photos, not to same scale, © Elizabeth Murcko)
  Left, 15 July 2014, Fort Holmes.                                                  Right, 29 July 2014, photographers yard.                   
| Checklist |

Flycatcher, Olive-sided (Contopus cooperi)

           19 May 2015, along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
             [See also | Flycatcher, olive-sided (some ID features) |  in tabulated group.] 
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Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray (Polioptila caerulea)
16 May 2005, Pte. LaBarbe, Moran Twp.                          (photo © Steve Baker)
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Golden-Plover, American (Pluvialis dominica)

            19 October 2015, lakeside of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp
               [See also  | Golden-Plover, American (Composite) | in tabulated group  and Cf. Plover, Black-bellied.]
| Checklist |

Goldfinch, American (Spinus tristis)
            9 June 2010, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.

            24 March  2017, Gros Cap, Moran Twp
             [See also  | Goldfinch, American (nonbreeding) plumage) | in tabulated group  and the "?Siskin-Goldfinch?" in Appendix A."Remarkables".]
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Goose, Cackling (Branta hutchinsii)         
[Right, with Canada goose]

6 October 2006, Lake Brevort, Brevort Twp.                                             (photos © Steve Baker) 
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Goose, Canada (Branta canadensis)

            28 November 2009, St. Ignace.
             [See also | Goose,  Canada (nesting) |  &  |  Goose, Canada (pairs & goslings) |  in tabulated group.]  
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Goose, Greater White-fronted (Anser albifrons)

            Left, 19 February 2012 (photo © rvd);  right, 12 February 2012 (photo © Stan Lilley
                both on old State ferry dock, near end of Ferry Lane, St. Ignace.
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 Goose,Ross's (Anser rossii(Chen rossii)

            16 March 2017, parking area on lakeside of Epoufette Bay across
from junction of south end of the road that
formerly extended northward to
Rte. 2, Hendricks Twp.
 ["Compatriot?" is one of four Greater white-fronted geese that were present.]
one with four Greater... as  (See also ....    tabulated group.)
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Goose, Snow (Chen caerulescens)   

Upper photo:  October 2011, on Makinac Island.          (?&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)
Lower pair: 25 October 2011, offshore Makinac Island.          (photos © Candi J. Wynn)

[Dark morph -- i.e., "Blue Goose"]

19 April 2014, ~4 miles NNW of Engadine, Garfield Twp.      (photo © Laura Wong)
  [Above photo first appeared on <>]   
           [ See also | Goose, snow (with Canada ...) |  &   |  Goose, snow - "blue" & white morphs  |   in tabulated group.]  
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Grackle, Common (Quiscalus quiscula)

            3 April 2009, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
             [See also   | Grackle, common.|   in tabulated group.] 
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Grebe, Horned (Podiceps auritus)  

            Upper, 20 October 2009, offshore from Boulevard Dr.; 
             lower, 7 May 2013, these two photos are of the same bird, which was 
                               one of
 three offshore, south of State Street, St. Ignace.
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Grebe, Pied-billed (Podilymbus podiceps)

             Upper left, 22 June 2012;  lower left, 27 May 2011,   swampy area beside causeway across Flower Bay to Hill Island, Clark Twp.
13 July 2012, same locality.  two juveniles and adult (progenitor?) -- tnotice that juveniles are larger than mature bird.
             Right -   26 July 2015. swampy area on south side of Boulevard Drive, just west of Densmore Avenue junction, Moran Twp.
             [See also | Grebe, pied-billed in tabulated group.]
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Grebe, Red-necked (Podiceps grisegena)

28 April 2009, St. Ignace waterfront. (photo © Steve Baker)

19 May April 2014, near Mackinac Island.     (&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)
             [See also | Grebe, red-necked | in tabulated group.] 
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 Grosbeak, Evening  (Coccothraustes vespertinus)

June 2015, photographer's yard, Mackinac Island.      (&photo © Elizabeth Murcko)
             [See also  | Grosbeak, evening (June) |   &   | Grosbeak, evening (pair-Chip..Co.) (<--This second one shows a female.)  in tabulated group.] 
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 Grosbeak, Pine (Piniccola enucleator) 
                                              [Left, male;  right, female]

                                     Left,14 January 2012, near SW end, South State St.       (photo © Paul & Cindy Brown) 
22 November 2007, deck of 
deck of photographer,        (photo © Ruth LaChapelle)
                                                                 -- both St. Ignace.  [not to same scale] -- 

             [See also | Grosbeak, pine (pair & immature) |  in tabulated group.] 
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Grosbeak, Rose-breasted (Pheucticus ludovicianus) 
      [Left, female;  right, male]

            10 May 2014, feeder of John Schieding,                        30 May 2008, deck of photographer, 
                                   Moran Twp.  
(photo © rvd)                                St. Ignace.      (© Ruth LaChapelle)

             [See also   | Grosbeak, rose-breasted |   and the aberrant grosbeak in Appendix A."Remarkables".]
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Grouse, Ruffed (Bonasa umbellus)

Fall of 2008, Epoufette Bay. Hendricks Twp.                (photo © Krista & Robert B. Brown)

  1st week of March 2014, Pte. LaBarbe Rd., Moran Twp. 
                                                       (photo © Nancy Brown)
             [See also   | Grouse, ruffed (how about that tail?) |   &   | Grouse, ruffed (St. Ignace Twp.) |   in tabulated group.]     
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Grouse, Sharp-tailed (Tympanuchus phasianellus)

              30 April 2006, Moran, Brevort Twp.            (photo © Steve Baker)

            18 April 2014, North of Lovegrove Rd. Moran Twp.  
             [See also  | Grouse, sharp-tailed |    &    | Grouse, sharp-tailed |  in tabulated group.]
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Grouse, Spruce (Falcipennis canadensis)      
             [See the photos in Appendix B "Wish List".] 

[[ Guineafowl, Helmeted (Numida meleagris)  -- feral
             [See  | Guineafowl  (FERAL? - 2010) |  in tabulated group.] ]]
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Gull, Bonaparte's (Chroicocephalus philadelphia)

            30 April & 1 May 2013, respectively:  
Bottom group, offshore south of old State Ferry dock, St. Ignace;
                 top pair, shore of Mismer Bay, east of Pte. Brulee Rd., Clark Twp.

                [Five gulls were offshore of St. Ignace;  two were in Mismer Bay.]
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Gull, Glaucous (Larus hyperboreus)

16 December 2011, St. Ignace waterfront.        (photos © Steve Baker)

Gull, Great Black-backed (Larus marinus)

           For the Record:                                            16 December 2011, St. Ignace waterfront.    (photo © Steve Baker)
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Gull, Herring (Larus argentatus)

            Left, 22 October 2009, Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.   (photo © rvd) 
            Right, 30 April 2015, Saint Ignace.      (&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)
             [See also  | Gull,herring - 3rd winter | [<<This one is included, for the most part, to show the Gull's bill at this stage.]
| Gull, herring - in snow |   &   | Gull, herring  - "Orator" | in the tabulated group.] 
        [The above herring and the below ring-billed gull, in the photographs on the left, are shown at the same scale.  Despite the fact that the overall sizes of these two gulls differ markedly, this is not easily discerned by some observers.  Fortunately, their beaks are characteristic and easily seen.
            The general statements in the Notes/References on the Checklist on this web site appear to be based on information published in Cuthbert and Wires (2013).  The actual observations of the authors, plus some additional information follow:   "estimated 11,000 Ring-billed Gulls (by direct nest count) on Green Island (of the Straits area,) and estimated about 500 Herring Gulls on the 3 shoals directly to the west of Green Island.  The largest shoal had 400 pairs which is a large colony for this species in the Great Lakes.  Interestingly, those shoals were either not present or at least had not been colonized in the 1990s when we completed the previous census.  So, I think they emerged from the lake and birds began to use them sometime after the late 1990s. ...  I [also] know from flying over Green Island in early June this year [2015] that the ring-bill colony is now smaller by maybe 2/3 or 1/2 from its peak around 2007."  (F. Cuthbert, p.c., 21 June 2015) ]
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Gull, Ring-billed (Larus delawarensis)

            Left, 18 October 2009, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.   
            Right, 16 May 2010, parking area south of Old State Ferry Dock, St. Ignace.  
             [The red areas that are around the eye and along the gape of the gull on the right 
                    are exhibited by at least a few of these gulls during pre-breeding and/or breeding periods.]

            16 September 2015, parking area south of Old State Ferry Dock, St. Ignace. 
             [See also  | Gull, ring-billed |, | Gull, ring-billed (Juv.) |, | Gull, ring-billed - "Overseer" |  &   | Gull ring-billed  - "Scottish Gaels" (would beS) | in tabulated group.] 
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Gull, Little  (Hydrocoloeus minutus)
           For the Record:       21 April 2016, off-shore from Cloverland Electric facility, St. Ignace; in lower     (photos © Steve Baker)
                                                       photo, the larger black-headed gull, on the right is a Bonaparte's gull.
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Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) 
             [See photo in the "FALCON" group.]
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Harrier, Northern (Circus cyaneus)

1 April 2010, Pte. LaBarbe, Moran Twp.       (photo © Steve Baker)

            Left, 4 May 2010;  right, 28 April 2011, swamp, along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. 
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  Hawk, Broad-winged (Buteo platypterus)

            23 April 2014, northeast end of                                   29 April 2015, Mackinac Island.
                 causeway across Flower Bay to                                             
(&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)
                 Hill Island, Clark Twp.       (photo © rvd)
                                                                                                                                                   1 June 2015, photographer's yard, East Bluff, Mackinac Island. 
                                                                                                                                       (&photo © Elizabeth Murcko)
             [See also  |  Hawk, broad-winged  |  in tabulated group.]     
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Hawk, Cooper's
r cooperii)

            13 May 2017, east of St. Martin Rd., ~ 100 ft. north of
turn-around at gate to St. Martin Point Sub., 
                      Marquette Twp - sec.27, T.42N., R.2W.                                  
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Hawk, ferruginous (Buteo regalis)

           For the Record:           21 & 22  February 2017, south of Brevort Lake Rd. (Rte. H-57), ~0.1 mi. west of Apple Lane, Brevort Twp.   This tentative-plus ID, which to me seems best to include dark or intermediate morph?,  is based on past experience with the species and checking several references.  See especially Plates 389 & 390 in Wheeler (Wheeler, B.K. 2003. Raptors of easter North America.Princeton(NJ);Princeton Univ. Press. 439p.).

Hawk: ?Goshawk, Northern  (Accipiter gentilis)

           For the Record:           30 October 2017, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
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Hawk, Red-shouldered (Buteo lineatus)

            9 September 2010, north of Duke's Rd., east of Lake Brevort, Brevort Twp.
             [See also  | Hawk, red-shouldered |    &    |  Hawk, red-shouldered (chicks)  | in tabulated group.] 
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Hawk, Red-tailed (Buteo jamaicensis)

                                         Left, 26 September 2014, Mackinac Island.            Right, 3 April 2010, Pte. LaBarbe, Moran Twp.         
                                                             (&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)                                                                  (photo © Steve Baker)
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Hawk, Rough-legged (Buteo lagopus)

            12 December 2016,  Boulevard Drive., Moran Twp.

                                                           9 April 2014, circa 4 miles north-northwest of Engadine, Garfield Twp.    (photo © Laura Wong)
             [See also  | Hawk, rough-legged #1 |,  | Hawk, rough-legged (top & bottom flying) |,   | Hawk, rough-legged |   &   | Hawk, rough-legged |   in tabulated group..]
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Hawk, Sharp-shinned (Accipiter striatus)

            6 May 2014,  Gros Cap,                       3 April 2010, Pte. LaBarbe, Moran Twp.   
                Moran Twp.     (photo © rvd)                                                     (photo © Steve Baker)    
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Hawk, Swainson's?? (Buteo swainsoni??)

            2 January 2012, north side of Boulevard Dr., St. Ignace.
 [The following information is included as an example of frustration and to support my reason for putting the two question marks after the heading -- i.e., the identification of this bird.  -- The species designation of this bird went through many stages before it was listed as "Swainson's" plus the question marks.  Part of the problem(s) relate to the fact that the front of the bird was not seen;  after the photos were taken, it flew and only its underwings etc., which were relatively light colored. were seen. On the basis of the above photographs, the hawk was identifed by two astute observers as possibly a juvenile Swainson's or Goshawk;  subsequently, however, another good bird watcher, upon seeing the photographs, thought it more likely a Red-tailed hawk and this i.d. -- i.e., as a JUVENILE Red-tailed hawk was supported by a professional ornithologist who sent her i.d. "Juvenile red-tailed hawk?" and directed attention to the photo on  the following web site:     .
    The reason for her question mark, though not clarified, AND the fact that some correspondants and I believe that the white fringe on the feathers seem more like those in specimens identified as Swainson's hawks led to the ID given in the heading, albeit with two question marks. In addition, however, my  attention was directed to the following photographs: 1. the one identified as a "juv[enile]. light" Swainson's Hawk in Crossley, Richard. 2011. The Crossley ID guide: Eastern birds, p.250 and the one identified as a youn male Swainson's hawk on page 69 of "Audoubon" magazine, March-April, 2012, p. 69.  The latter one, in particular, appears to resemble in nearly all aspects the one in the above photographs.
      Subsequently, I also looked at the feathers of each of these birds on the following web site:     (the "The feather atlas..." of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Forensics Laboratory).  
      As of now, the current ID seems most likely, albeit still in question.  However, the following was recently received from another viewer of this web site:   "Swainson's Hawk (??) is definitely a  Red-tailed Hawk" -- email, 20 January 2013.]
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Heron, Great Blue (Ardea herodias)

            15 May 2012, lake side of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. 
            Above two are same individual:  24 July 2014, lake side of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. 
             [See also  | Heron, great blue |,   | Heron, great blue |    &    | Heron, great blue |  in tabulate group.] 
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Heron, Green 
(Butorides virescens

12 July 2013

19 July 2014, swampy area south of Poupard Bay, west of Gros Cap Rd., Moran Twp. 
                                                                                                      (photos © 
Caroline Cheeseman)

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Hummingbird, Ruby-throated (Archilochus colubris)      

            Left, 12 May 2012, feeder, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.    (photo © rvd 
            Right, 21 August 2005, St. Ignace - near Gladys Pope's trellis.  (photo © Ruth LaChapelle)                                                                    

            Left, 11 May 2012;  right, 22 June 2010, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
             [See also  | Hummingbird, ruby-throated (juvenile)  |,  | Hummingbird, ruby-throated (immature) |  &  | Hummingbird, ruby-throated |;  also,
of at least
 passing interest, the  | Hummingbird Moth ---NOT a bird! |   in tabulated group.] 
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Jay, Blue (Cyanocitta cristata)

            11 January 2014, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
             [See also  | JayS, blue (15 at home!)  &   |  Jay, blue  |  in tabulated group.] 
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Junco, Dark-eyed (Junco hyemalis

            20 March 2012, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.

            April 2013, This junco, which some observers refer to as pink-sided,
                      is one of three that were part of a flock of 20-25 of typical
                     "slate-colored" juncos that was in the Gros Cap area, Moran
                     Twp. for two and a half weeks during the month.   

             [See also   | Junco, dark-eyed  |   &   | Junco, dark-eyed (2 more pink ... ) |   in tabulated group.]
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Kestrel, American (Falco sparverius)
             [See photo in the "FALCON" group.]

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)

            10 May 2012,  Wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.

   7 July 2014, "Broken wing display," East shore, Mackinac Island.    (photo © Elizabeth Murcko) 
             [See also | Killdeer |, | Killdeer (eggs) |   &   | Killdeer (juvenile) |  in tabulated group. ]   
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Kingbird, Eastern (Tyrannus tyrannus)      

            24 July 2016, next to wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp.
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Kingbird, Western (Tyrannus verticalis

           For the Record:        31 May 2015, Boulevard Drive, Moran Twp.                                      
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Kingfisher, Belted (Megaceryle alcyon)

            6 August 2012, wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp. 
          [The male, lower photo, was in nearby trees -- and nowhere long enough to permit 
       me to self-set the focus -- whereas the female, was on a line extending over one of the 
       ponds and only now and then diving into the pond.  Both of the top photos are of the same
       female; the one on the right shows, in particular, the undertail stripes.]
             [See also  | Kingfisher, belted |  and the kingfisher in Appendix A."Remarkables".]
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Kinglet, Golden-crowned 
(Regulus satrapa)
22 April 2014, west of southern end of South State St., St. Ignace.
                                 [Both photos are of same individual.]  (photos © Cindy Brown)
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 Lark, Horned (Eremophila alpestris)    
            Left pair, 5 May 2016, launching area across water from Dock 3, St. Ignace City;                  Right, 4 October 2012, lake side
Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.
             [See also |  Lark, horned  |  in tabulated group.]      
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Longspur, Lapland (Calcarius lapponicus)      

            4 October 2012, lake side of Boulevard Drive, Moran Twp.    
             [See also  | Longspur,  Lapland |  in tabulated group.] 
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Loon, Common (
Gavia immer)

            26 June 2010, southeastern Lake Brevort, Brevort Twp.
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Meadowlark (
Sturnella sp. -- probably Sturnella magna)

22 April 2014, west of southern end of South State St., St. Ignace.
                                   [All photos are of same individual.] (photos © Cindy Brown)
             [See also | Meadowlark sp.. |  &  | Meadowlark, eastern!!?! |  in tabulated group.] 
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Merlin (
Falco columbarius)
             [See photo in the "FALCON" group.]
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Mockingbird, Northern (Mimus polyglottos) 

            For the Record:     6 May 2013, between Gros Cap school & church, Moran Twp.
             [Fuzziness result of taking photo through windshield.]
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Nighthawk, Common (Chordeiles minor) 
             [See | Nighthawk, common - (Chipp...Co.) |, in the tabulated group;  it is the photograph of a bird that was near, but only perhaps within Mackinac County,when the photography was taken.] 

Night-heron, Black-crowned 
(Nycticorax nycticorax)     

                      15 June 2012, on Mackinac Island.                        13 May 2017, Graham Point, south end of State St., Saint Ignace.                                                                                            (photo © Robert B. McGreevy).                                                                               (photo © Paul H. Brown).                        
             [See also | Night-heron, black-crowned |   &   | Night-heron, black-crowned (immature,) |  in tabulated group. 
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Nuthatch, Red-breasted (Sitta canadensis)

            11 December 2012, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.      

18 September 2013, photographer's yard, Mackinac Island.  
                                                         (&photo © Elizabeth Murcko)
             [See also   | Nuthatch, red-breasted |   in tabulated group.] 
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 Nuthatch, White-breasted (Sitta carolinensis)

            27 February, 2010, Gros Cap, Moran Twp.
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Oriole, Baltimore (Icterus                
                                 [Left, male;  right, female]

            Left,13 May 2014,                                                                     Right, 10 May 2014, feeder of 
Gros Cap, Moran Twp.                                                                 John Schieding, Moran Twp.  
             [See also  | Oriole, Baltimore male |   &   | Oriole, Baltimore (pair|  in tabulated group.] 
| Checklist |

Oriole, Orchard (Icterus spurius)  
~20 May 2014, feeder of photographer, St. Ignace. (© Ruth LaChapelle)  
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Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

            16 June 2014, near top of tall tree on lake side of the Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. 
                                     6 August 2005, near southern shore of Lake Brevort,                     August 2017, off Mackinac Island
                                                         Brevort Twp.  (photo © Ruth LaChapelle)                                  (?&photo © Robert B. McGreevy)
             [See also | Osprey - in flight | in tabulated group.]
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Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla)
             [See photo in the "Warbler" group.]
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Owl, Barred (Strix varia)

 Left, 22 February 2008, St. Ignace - along Old Portage Rd., Moran Twp. (photo © Ruth LaChapelle)
Center,12 March 2014, the Annex, Mackinac Island.  (& photo © Clark Bloswick)
Right, 30 April 2010, Epoufette Bay, Hendricks Twp. (photo © Steve Baker)
              [See also  | Owl, barredin tabulated group.] 
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Owl, Boreal (Aegolius funereus)

 20 February 2012, along Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp. (photos © Caroline Cheeseman)
Owl, Great Gray (Strix nebulosa)  

                     4 March 2009, the above imprint was made in the snow where a great gray owl caught a mouse;  the photograph was taken in a wooded area on Mackinac island    (?&photo © Robert B. McGreevy). 
         [See photos in Appendix B. Wish List.]
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Owl, Great Horned (Bubo virginianus)

  Left (adult), 16 August 2014;  right (immature), 8 August 2014 -- Both on East Bluff, Mackinac Island. 
                                                                                              (photos © 
Elizabeth Murcko, - & one of immature)


 24 January 2014, Old Portage Rd., Moran Twp. (& 'phone photos © Sheri Damron)
             [See also | Owl, great horned ("It's cold ...") | in tabulated group;  it has been entitled "It's Cold and Windy Out Here!";  it may be the same owl as the one shown in the the above photographs.] 

Owl, Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula)     
             [See photos in Appendix B. Wish List.] 
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Owl, Northern Saw-whet (Aegolius acadicus)

 October 2006, Pointe Labarbe, Moran Twp.         (photo © Edward A. Pike)

     ~2006 (i.e., received 2017, but noted as taken "about ten years ago"),    (&photo © Tamara Gady)
                                                                          north of Lovegrove Rd., Ozark area, Moran Twp. 
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Owl, Short-eared (Aseo flammeus)                        

             For the Record:                           5 November 2005, "south of Rudyard, maybe in Mackinac County"   (photo © Steve Baker)
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Owl, Snowy (Bubo scandiaca)

April 2009, north end of northern causeway of "Big Mac" Bridge. 
[cell 'phone photo © Joe Visnaw]
(Above photo is first one taken by a 'phone on this web site.)

  20 November 2005, St. Ignace.                               (photo © Steve Baker)

            21 December  2011, offshore of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.

            15 January 2017, north of Town Line Rd. circa 4.6 miles west of Michigan Rte.129, Marquette Twp.  [ When this photo was taken, this snowy owl was in Chippewa County;   we -- daughter Krista Brown, Mary B. ("Diggy") Clement and I -- had just seen it fly from Mackinac County, across the road, and alight on this tree, the road's width plus a few feet from Mackinac County.]  
             [See also   | Owl, snowy - A favorite! in tabulated group.] 
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Pelican, American White (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos)

            10 June 2012, above Boulevard Dr. and the nearby offshore area, Moran Twp. 
             [See also  | Pelican, American white (five) |  in tabulated group.

Peregrine Falcon (Falco perginus)
      [See photo in the "FALCON" group.]
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Phalarope, Wilson's (Phalaropus tricolor)  
             For the Record:        2 October 2013, ponded area north of Rte. 2, just east of
                                                             junction of Brevort Lake Rd (Rte. H57), Moran Twp.
                                                [ Numbers indicate order in which photographs were taken, ]   
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Pheasant, Ring-necked (Phasianus colchicus)

            29 April 2010, along Rte. H37 between Black Point and Church roads, Brevort Twp.
             [See also  | Pheasant, ring-necked (female & male)  |, which includes a female,   | Pheasant, ring-necked |  in tabulated group,
<>                                   and  the iridescent (etc.) pheasant in Appendix A."Remarkables".]
<>Do!!  check to see if photos taken in Allenville are better than any of these . . .
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Phoebe, Eastern (Sayornis phoebe) 

            17 April 2010, north of Cheesman Rd. ~0.5 mile east of junction of Cecil Rd., Moran Twp.                 
             [See also  | Phoebe, eastern (brownish) in tabulated group.] 
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Pigeon, Rock (Columba livia)

            15 March 2010, north of Duke's Rd., west of Moran, Brevort Twp.

            11 March 2012, north of Duke's Rd., west of Moran, Brevort Twp.
    [These are examples of the various color patterns of pigeons here and elsewhere in the county. 
      Cf. Dove, Mourning photo.]
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Pipit, American (Anthus rubescens)    

            15 May 2015, wastewater pond, northwest of Cedarville, Clark Twp. 
             [See also  | Pipit, American  |    &   | Pipit, American (sentry & walker) |  in tabulated group.] 
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Plover, Black-bellied (Pluvialis squatarola)

             27 May 2011, on western shore of Mizmer Bay, east of Pte. Brulee Rd., Clark Twp. 
               [Cf. Golden-plover, American.]
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Plover, Piping (Charadrius melodus)      
  [This bird is an ENDANGERED SPECIES.]

30 June, 2010, near Pte. aux Chenes, Moran Twp. (Hiawatha National Forest photo by Tiffany Marie Radka)

June, 2007, near Pte. aux Chenes, Moran Twp. (Hiawatha Forest photo by Lisa Sommers) 
             [See also  |  Plover, piping -(hatchlings & egg)   |   &   | Plover, piping | in tabulated group.]     
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Plover, Semipalmated (Charadrius semipalmatus)

            18 May 2015, lake side of Boulevard Dr., Moran Twp.  [breeding adult --  note